KSF Global superdry


Since 2005, We have built up reputation and track record in providing adaptable but reliable solutions for our customers' success in ever-changing retailing environment, at all stages of the project lifecycle, from concept to completion.

We are the "Key Success Factor", which spells "KSF", to ensure the successful implementation of retail display projects in terms of quality, time, cost, communication and sustainability. 


How we operate

Commercially and operationally, it is impossible for A single company to provide the whole pack of services completely by in-house facilities.

We have been constantly searching, selecting, finetuning cooperations with a bunch of like-minded, high standard partners in the areas where are out of our core strengths and direct coverage, but as an integrated eco-system to provide turn-key solutions to our customers.


What sets KSF Apart


about the solution


in our approach


in cost


in Delivery


with the end result


about customers success

Join our team

We are always looking for passionate and talented people join our growing team, do not hesitate to put yourself forward for the mutual opportunity. Currently, we are looking for
1. Global Sales consultants
2. UK Business development manager
3. Project Manager


First of all, I would like to sincerely express my personal thanks to all KSF staffs who are always striving to keep our customers satisfied and happier, as I know how hard, or even say how depressing our business can be, because we are serving the retailing industry that is extremely dynamic, under constant pressure,  ever-changing and deadline-pressing.  As a consequence, we are bound to share the mounting pressures from our customer to make them successful while enjoying an easier life.

I am impressed and proud of the dedication and care to the details that all our customers enjoyed and sing high praise of KSF. Meanwhile, I felt very lucky and privileged to support so many successful customers who valued our services and we are growing together over the past 14 years, which is beyond the business but personal friends now. I am grateful to the customers who gave KSF opportunity to prove and deliver our promise and values in first place.

At KSF, we do have 'Crystal Ball' and 'Superman's suit', with these 2 secret weapons, we can serve our customer better in planning and managing the in-store projects in a predictable and pro-active fashion:

'Crystal Ball'  - our KNOWLEDGE BASE built up covering retailing, creativity, technical development, manufacturing, logistics and installation, provides best practices and best solutions to avoid pitfalls.

'Superman's suit' -  with our GLOBAL RESOURCES either in-house or from the partner network, we address the emerging issues responsively, which means we are flexible, agile and comprehensive.

At KSF, I believe we are

Passionate for your success
Reliable with our services
Smart in our approach
Knowledgeable in our solution
Efficient in our operations
Competitive in our cost

Please do not hesitate to contact me by a person or any member of my team to discuss, explore and be inspired...

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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