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Winter supply chain

Weather-proofing your supply chain


Author: Benjamin Wang

Weather can be really troublesome for your supply chain if you are not properly prepared for it. If you or…

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Warehouse supply chain KSF Global

3 Biggest Challenges in the Supply Chain today


Author: Benjamin Wang

Supply chain professionals face a number of increasing pressures to manage an effective, efficient and sustainable supply chain. These are…

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Freight containers - KSF Global

3 Simple Ways to Optimise your Supply chain


Author: Benjamin Wang

Regardless of what type of business you are in, your supply chain is crucial to the smooth running of your…

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Traffic Congestion, Supply

‘Congestion Crisis’ how can it affect your Supply Chain?


Author: Benjamin Wang

Business is on the up and up, which means more movement in supply chains, but can our infrastructure take it?…

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China Money - KSF global

Anti-corruption laws in China: An Overview


Author: Benjamin Wang

President Xi Jinping has been leading an anti-corruption campaign in China with a view to dealing with public sector officials…

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Checking the Standards of Your Supply Chain


Author: Benjamin Wang

While your suppliers do not work directly under you, it’s your business’ responsibility to make sure your supply chain upholds…

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India Flag - KSF Global

Manufacturing in India, the new China?


Author: Benjamin Wang

When it comes to manufacturing, China has gained a reputation as the country to invest in. But now businesses are…

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UK Textiles Manufacture - KSF Global

Moving manufacture back to the UK


Author: Benjamin Wang

While offshore textile manufacturing remains popular among business, it seems that the textile industry in the UK has seen growth…

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Supply Chain planning

How to reduce time spent on planning in a global supply chain


Author: Benjamin Wang

Global supply chains can be trickier to plan for than domestic ones; it’s harder to contact people, to ensure everyone…

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China KSF Global

4 Myths about Chinese Consumers


Author: Benjamin Wang

Chinese consumers are regarded as somewhat of question mark to retailers around the world. Understanding what motivates them in their…

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KSF Global social media

Bringing Social Media in to your Store


Author: Becky Wilson

Converting online traffic in to footfall is no easy task for retailers, especially as social media often appears to work…

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KSF Global Chinese New Tear

Happy Chinese New Year from KSF Global


Author: Benjamin Wang

Happy Chinese New Year to all our customers and readers! Today, roughly a sixth of the world’s population will be…

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