Mobile phone manufacturer

An initial design idea was supplied by the client and KSF were tasked with redesigning and developing the display to an extremely tight and demanding production schedule.

KSF reevaluated the design requirements and proposed 2 solutions. A mains powered unit and a rechargeable battery unit. Both charging stations had to not only look the same but also use the same components where possible.

What we were asked to do

  • Develop innovative and cost effective solutions for the charging unit

What we achieved

From initial brief at the HTC UK Headquarters, KSF redesigned, developed and manufactured 50 charging stations for a 2 stage delivery schedule to 5 locations in the UK and Europe in less than 7 weeks, On time and in budget!

What our clients said about us

“KSF-Global has top class products and services! One day we had an idea to create stand-alone Smartphone charging station for our VIP events. With KSF-Global the challenge became a reality. In record time we got our designs, prototype, and product delivery on deadline and within budget. The team at KSF-Global has deep insight and knowledge in creating bespoke designs and solutions, with top class engineering and material choices, a true all around preferred partner. Organizing meetings in different locations was easily done as was also the delivery of the product across different points in Europe, with the inclusion of health and safety rules and regulations documentation and certification per country accordingly. KSF-Global, always ready for a bespoke top class creation!”

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