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Our Top Five Pop-up Shops


Author: Benjamin Wang

We love pop-shops, they are a retail designer’s dream. Combining the best in new materials, functionality and creativity, pop-up retailers are using shops more often to get their products out to a wider audience. We wanted to show you some of the best designs so far.

Ebay’s ‘A bit of Everything’ Pop-up Shop

Ebay popup ebay popup2


Just like the online auction site, Ebay’s pop-up retail shop is fitted out with all the odds and ends you never knew you needed.

The World’s Tiniest Pop-up in Tokyo

Promoting Real Boy push tacks, this shop was more about generating awareness rather than sales. Looks like it worked!

Illy’s box shop

Lilly popup

Illy’s crate shop opens out into a stylish retail shop with beautiful fixtures.


Le Fashion Truck Pop-up on Wheels 

Lefashiontruck popup

Le Fashion Truck shows that you don’t need millions in the bank to create a cool shopping experience for customers.

Adidas Giant Shop in a Shoebox



Adidas got creative and modelled their pop-up shop on their iconic blue shoeboxes.

Have your own ideas for a concept pop-up shop? Contact our team to find out how we can make your pop-up shop come to life.

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