20 Creative Outdoor Retail Display Ideas [with Examples]

Outdoor retail displays help brands present clothing and products in a truly dynamic way.

When it comes to sports, camping, and other apparel products geared towards the great outdoors, presenting them in a non-static way makes sense.

The themes we associate with outdoor items are:

  • Weather
  • Connection
  • Movement 
  • Getting off the beaten track

Your outdoor point of sale displays and purchase areas can reflect that. And by thinking outside the box, you can increase footfall and sales. 

To help inspire your outdoor retail displays, we’ve put together a collection of ideas from brands across the world.


Outdoor point of sale examples to inspire you

From simple choices of stands to setting scenes and wild window designs. Here’s how to make the most of your indoor and outdoor space when it comes to crafting on-brand aesthetics.


1. The all-angle shoe mirror

Outdoor retail show display

The shoe mirror stand is a savvy way of saving space and inviting customers to admire the shoe from all angles.

In a post-pandemic world where consumers may not be as comfortable picking up merchandise, the shoe mirror solves the issue by showcasing full vision. It also has the added security measure of only needing to place one shoe on show.


2. Dickies workwear display

Dickies doesn’t stop at workwear, they deliver on the accessories too. From goggles to gloves and caps, Dickies utilises those end-of-shelf spaces to showcase their full line.

The stands make the most of industrial metal tones (thanks to the metal-based platform) and the utilitarian vibe which supports Dickies heritage as a rugged and hard-working brand.

KSF Global Dickies Showroom


3. Let the product do the talking

Outdoor retail clothing display with blue jacket

Outdoor base layer brand Dare2B keeps it simple with free-standing display units. The contemporary fuss-free design lets the brand display its products without creating distractions for the consumer.

This echoes Dare2B’s commitment to creating clothing that does the job well without the need for flashy gimmick or distraction. Their simple POS backs up the brand ethos that their audience is ever on the go, dropping in to buy new outdoor items before their next big adventure.


4. Regatta’s rail 

The simple rail from Regatta captures the brand image of fuss-free simplicity and quality. The rail format organises clothes into size and colour so that consumers can find the products they want quickly, without wasting time.

Regatta outdoor retail clothing display


5. Boot and bag pairings 

Hunter footwear freestanding shoe display

Brands like Hunter have been creating POS with upselling in mind by pairing backpacks and boots.

Using display shelving units, the English countryside stomp brand creates compelling visual designs that showcase Wellington boots and bags together in style and colour themes. 

See the case study.


6. Active mannequin stances 

Active brands can truly make the most of their outdoor retail displays and make their sportswear stand out with the simple choice of placing mannequins in active positions. 

Activewear is anything but stagnant, and the psychology of having mannequins depicting movement showcases how the clothes will look when sporting them as they are supposed to be. 

Mannequins in an active stance
Source: https://blog.mannequinmadness.com/2013/03/where-to-find-yoga-mannequins/



Creative POS Ideas CTA blog background image



7. Set the scene

Gear Patrol outdoor retail dispaly
Source: https://www.gearpatrol.com/outdoors/a391204/gear-patrol-westerlind-nyc-popup/

This gorgeous outdoor retail display by Gear Patrol is a great example of using the set building to create an attractive and eye-catching outdoor point of sale.

Creative design has crafted a bright space that pulls on imagery and features of camping and safari to illustrate their outside wares. This technique, combined with colour coordinated organisation and a range of different products, makes for a delightful design that pulls you in. 


8. Creative wall space

River Rock Outfitters is all about the rugged outdoors, and they make their brand displays come to life with creative choices for their wall space.

Instead of just hanging their products on a typical display, they have created a rock wall to showcase their rock climbing products. Instantly striking a compelling visual design and strengthening their brand identity with out-of-the-box thinking, this is one of those creative outdoor retail displays that stays with you. 

Outdoor retailers display on a wall - ropes and walking gear
Source: http://www.fredericksburgspaces.com/fredericksburg-commercial-architect-design-service


9. Enter a new world

A POS stand for an outdoor retailer
Source: https://www.tiso.com/shops/edinburgh-outdoor-experience

Creating a space within a space can be a great way of making an outdoor POS stand out. 

This example draws on the famous outdoor bothy huts of the Scottish landscape to illustrate clothing and gear suitable for hiking in that exact kind of environment. The simple structure is not only visually appealing, but it also adds a compelling sense of play.


10. Break free from the same structures

Sometimes you can forgo the idea of traditional stands and retail displays altogether.

This outdoor gear example draws on upcycling and scene-setting with the use of items linked to the great outdoors. Pallets, crates, rock climbing lines, and even split logs come together to reinforce the outside world and break free from standard thinking. 

A unique clothing display for outdoor clothing
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/573927546264117981/


11. Showcase whole wardrobes

A full mannequin in a retailer

Opt for the upsell with activewear by piecing together whole complementary wardrobes rather than relying on singular lines.

This visually pleasing display looks great and helps the customer by showcasing which items work well together.


12. Go big on tech

The Nike House of Innovation go big on retail technology in this display and mark itself out as paving the way in outdoor and activewear innovation.

Their creative use of modern lighting and graphic design doubles down on Nike being at the forefront of hi-tech workout wear. 

Man throwing a basketball in a highly technologically advanced retailer
Source: https://thefwa.com/cases/nike-adapt-house-of-innovation


13. Wild window designs

A window display by anthropologie with plants coming down over the windows

Make the most of your external space and your window designs by incorporating texture, colour, and even a hint of mother nature.

This beautiful display by Anthropologie calls on our connection to nature and creates an enticing entryway.

As Anthropologie put itself out there as an artistic brand, its window identity has to match that mood. They also keep themselves far from stagnant by changing their displays to suit the season.


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14. Three-dimensional thinking

For outdoor footwear, Nike created an innovative ceiling display that highlights each individual shoe in its range.

This display makes the most of ceiling suspension and colour to frame each shoe – a three-dimensional floating display that attracts the eye and creates a sense of place.

a hanging trainer display in an outdoor retail store
Source: https://sneakernews.com/2010/09/08/nike-lunarglide-2-chandelier-display-nike-harajuku/


15. Punctuate with props

a footwear display in a shop with a wheelbarrow at the front
Source: https://retaildesignblog.net/2014/02/07/cat-merrell-store-by-mao-livre-lisbon-portugal/

This charming and creative display for outdoor shoes is a great way to tell the product’s story. It creates a compelling image, backs up the brand concept, and places the shoe in its natural environment.


16. Live window display

While it’s certainly not an easy feat for every brand, this John Lewis window display hits it out of the water by using real gymnasts.

This truly creative display was to back Scotland’s Olympic bid back in 2014. A similar theme of using live performers in window displays has been adapted by other brands to create living stories and scenes around their products.

A live window display with gymnasts in poses
Source: http://thebwd.com/gymnast-live-window-display-2007-by-gsos-gymnasts-pupils/


17. In-store camping scenes

A camping set up in an outdoor retailer
Source: https://tulsaworld.com/news/local/as-oklahoma-city-welcomes-rei-plans-for-tulsa-store-remain-on-hold/article_d2af21e1-41af-5ec1-bbd4-84e66e3b049d.html

Outdoor brands put an emphasis on a connection in this camping store scene.

By setting up the tents and laying out camping chairs, customers can easily be transported from a static shop to a campsite. This invites them to connect and enjoy the lived experience and sense of familiarity with the things they love.

It also invites interaction with the products and the chance to ‘try before you buy’. 


18. Upcycle in style

This creative approach to upcycling earmarks outdoor brands as staying true to their morals. 

For outdoor brands that tout sustainability and environmentally friendly practice as part of their key values, you can make the most of upcycling bicycle wheels, pallets, crates, and other such items when crafting your outdoor retail displays.

Clothes hanging from bicycle wheels in a shop
Source: https://www.fixturescloseup.com/2013/08/03/bicycle-wheel-apparel-rack/


19. Stay on brand with POS

A retail display made from natural materials
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/saunzee_signs/3229906404/

Point of sale areas are essential for brands who want to make the most of their space and upsell.

You can keep your outdoor point of sale area on-brand by using natural props and displays, just like this repurposed piece of wood in the place of a sunglasses stand


20. Experiential spaces

Go above and beyond with your outdoor retail display by crafting an experiential space. 

When it comes to outdoor retail stores, many people who shop there will have similar passions in common. By blending hang out and connection spaces within the sales and display area, you encourage people to linger for longer and to associate your brand with a lifestyle rather than a quick purchase.

An display of outdoor retail clothing products
Source: https://www.thicreative.com/design-research/rei-smart-gear-table


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