How To Choose The Right Store Fixtures

How to Choose the Right Store Fixtures – What Needs to be Considered?

The success of a retail business relies heavily on the careful selection of store fixtures. Your fixtures and fittings can directly impact how you attract customers, promote product awareness and encourage repeat customers.

An uninformed approach to choosing store fixtures leads to:

  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Inefficient use of space
  • Diminished brand image

This article will empower you to make thoughtful store fixture decisions. We outline all the considerations that should inform the selection process, including customer journeys, store layout, brand identity and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Choosing the Right Fixtures For Your Store

Store fixtures showcase your products effectively and create an appealing and functional environment that resonates with your customers.

By knowing which factors are conducive to successful store fixture planning, retailers can design a compelling and high-converting retail space that drives sales and propels business growth.

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What to Consider When Choosing Store Fixtures

Finding the fixtures that meet your unique needs requires you to consider four key areas:

1. Floor plan

Retail Gondola Displays
A gondola display example

Use the floor plan of your store to optimize product placement. For example, if you have a grid layout, choose gondola displays that are well-stocked and eye-catching. These compel customers to take a closer look at your merchandise as they weave between the aisles.

Additionally, take some time to review your floor plan and identify the best areas to place speed bumps and power walls.

Speed bumps (like interactive displays, unique shelving units or seasonal campaigns) are store fixtures that slow customers down, create visual variation and increase engagement. They’re best placed:

  • Right after the decompression zone to hook customers
  • At the end of aisles to increase browsing time

Power walls are store fixtures that take advantage of the most visible areas of your store, like the space next to your front door or a prominent section of wall space. Use these areas to command attention and showcase your best products. 

Using store fixtures that optimize your floor plan will ultimately break up the repetitiveness of your store, give customers a pleasant shopping experience and put them in the mood to buy.


2. Customer journey

The customer journey is crucial in informing store fixture design and placement. Understanding how customers flow through your store will help you create a cohesive and engaging layout that maximizes sales opportunities.

Freestanding Mobile Station for Flowers and Herb option
Cross-selling is a great way to improve sales and be helpful to customers

Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing fixtures that will optimize the customer journey:

  • Do they promote product or store awareness? Use store fixtures you can position in window displays, near the store entrance or in high-traffic areas to entice shoppers inside and drive awareness around what you’re selling.
  • Do your store fixtures facilitate easy navigation? Choose fixtures that keep your products well-organized so that customers have a stress-free shopping experience.
  • Are you thinking about upsell opportunities? Freestanding displays or end-cap fixtures can be placed near popular products that customers tend to gravitate towards. This will encourage cross-selling and increase average order value.
  • Are you making the most of that back wall? Adding large, eye-catching store fixtures, like open shelving, to your back wall is a great way to lure customers deeper into your store and increase browsing time.


3. Product display requirements

Different product categories require different store fixtures, so make sure you know your stock and select fixtures that accommodate their specific display requirements.

Consider your products’ dimensions, weight and visual presentation needs. For example, clothing stores should be fitted out with various styles of hanging racks, mannequins and easy-to-browse shelving systems, while smaller items like bags or shoes look best when presented on display plinths, display cases or floating shelves.

If you sell a wide range of products at various sizes and weights, choose store fixtures built for adaptability, like gondolas


4. Brand identity

Your store fixtures should align with your brand identity and enhance the overall visual appeal of your store. 

Choose fixtures that complement your brand’s aesthetics, colors and personality. For example, if you have an edgy aesthetic, your products will stand out more on rustic, industrial fixtures, like pipework hanging racks or upcycled shelving.

Meanwhile, minimalist luxury brands may prefer sleek fixtures that minimize visual clutter, like clear floating shelves or glass display cases. Whatever your style, consistency in branding across fixtures creates a cohesive and memorable shopping experience.


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How to choose the right store fixtures

Even with all of these considerations, choosing the right store fixtures can be a daunting task. Here are some key factors that will help you make more informed and meaningful decisions:

  • Know your store and target customers:

    As we mentioned earlier, it’s vital to understand how your store fixtures will affect your floor plan, store design and your target customers’ preferences. This knowledge will help guide your fixture choices so that you can create high-converting displays and store ambience.

  • Identify your display goals:

    What are the specific goals you want to achieve with your store fixtures? Do you want to highlight certain products, create an immersive experience or encourage browsing? Clarifying your goals will help you choose store fixtures that align with your objectives.

  • Consider space efficiency:

    To optimize your use of space, you need fixtures that maximize display capacity without crowding the shop floor or creating visual clutter, which can make the shopping experience frustrating. Consider the size, height and configuration of store fixtures to ensure efficient use of floor and wall space.

  • Look for flexibility:

    Store fixtures that offer flexibility and adaptability will allow you to easily rearrange displays depending on new product lines, seasonal campaigns or changes to the store layout. This also provides long-term cost-effectiveness. Gridwall displays, modular shelving units and slatwall fixtures are great examples of versatility.

  • Ensure durability

    Invest in store fixtures that are durable enough to withstand the demands of your retail environment, like displaying heavy merchandise and handling regular use. Pay attention to the material your store fixtures are made from to ensure maximum sturdiness. Choosing store fixtures that are easy to clean and maintain is equally important as it will ensure your store looks well-presented at all times.

  • Customer experience and accessibility:

    When assessing how store fixtures will impact your customers’ overall experience, consider ease of navigation, accessibility for all customers (including those with disabilities) and the ability to interact with products. The goal is to make shoppers feel relaxed and accommodated.

  • Budget and ROI:

    When choosing store fixtures, it’s important to strike a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Factors like increased sales, improved customer service and long-term durability will help you evaluate the expected ROI of each store fixture so that you can get the best value and achieve your financial goals.

  • Gather feedback:

    It’s always a good idea to test a few store fixture options before committing to large-scale purchases and expensive roll-out programs. Install a few test fixtures and gather feedback from customers and staff to gauge how effective different types of fixtures are. This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments before committing to a final decision.


By addressing these factors at the planning stage, you’ll be able to select store fixtures that align with your business needs, showcase your products effectively and enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers.


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