20 Unique Merchandise Display Examples for Your Retail Stores

The goal of merchandise displays is not just to influence buying behaviour, but also to leave a lasting impression on customers so that they remember you and come back.

Did you know that 93% of shoppers focus on a product’s visual appearance when they’re browsing? This means that no matter how great a product is, it still might not sell at the volumes you require if it’s not presented well. 

Don’t rely on your products to speak for themselves. Give them a helping hand with these 20 unique merchandise display examples that will command attention and drive sales.

KSF Global have a full range of smart merchandise displays for product presentation with a range of shelf tops and grids to display any product, in multiple categories.


Merchandise Display Ideas

1. Freestanding Display Units

Freestanding Mobile Station for Flowers and Herb option

Freestanding display units (FSDUs) make it easy to promote hero products and boost sales. You can customise them easily to reflect your products and drive visual interest.

FSDUs are lightweight and quick to assemble. Available in a range of sizes and materials, from promotional stands to wooden shoe display units to metal retail fixtures. They offer a low total project cost and the flexibility to accommodate any seasonal or brand campaign.


2. Smart merchandise displays for produce

Using smart merchandise displays that can be branded and re-branded for promotions or seasonal changes is a cost-effective and sustainable method for showcasing your products.

Opting for modular and movable displays is an excellent choice since they provide the flexibility needed to adapt to changes in your store’s layout or effectively promote specific items.

A supermarket showing small smart merchandise displays with wooden effect



3. Display plinths

Mulberry bag display plinths

Display plinths are perfect for spotlighting premium products. Singling out a hero product, raises the air of exclusivity, while the elevation puts it within easy reach of the customer.

In this Mulberry showroom example, KSF Global designed the display plinths to highlight their luxury bag and purse collection. These displays were also paired with soft overhead lighting to really make them stand out.

Display plinths can also breathe new life into products that are hard to sell. They do this by presenting them in a high-profile way, increasing the customer’s perceived value of the item.


4. Countertop displays

Your countertop is the perfect place to display merchandise because it takes advantage of the customer’s mood to buy. Countertop displays come in many forms, from mini accessory stands to built-in display racks. 

Whatever the type, make them well-branded, attention-grabbing, and stocked with affordable items that customers can justify adding to their order.

Alternatively, use your countertop display to showcase premium products that are new or on sale, like this watch display KSF Global created for Barbour. This boasts a sleek design with clear branding, allows customers to view the product intimately, and prompts them to engage with your sales staff for more information.

20 Unique Merchandise Display Examples for Your Retail Stores



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5. Interactive merchandise displays

20 Unique Merchandise Display Examples for Your Retail Stores

Interactive retail displays allow customers to experience the product and increase the likelihood of them making a purchase. 

For Dyson’s handheld vacuum cleaner, KSF Global created a display that the product could be attached to so that shoppers could easily pick it up and get a feel for it. The graphics panel also includes useful product information so that customers find it easier to make an informed purchasing decision.


6. Gondola displays

Gondola displays are one of the most versatile merchandise displays you could choose for your retail locations. They offer bags of room, can be customised with a range of display accessories, and are durable enough to support a huge amount of stock.

There are many variations of gondolas, including freestanding retail stands, end displays, wall gondolas, and, of course, the popular four-sided retail island, as shown in this example.

Retail Gondola Displays



7. Seasonal merchandise displays

A Christmas seasonal display for apparel merchandise
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/16818198599262622/

Coordinating your merchandise display with the changing seasons is a great way to drive sales because it doesn’t just sell a product, it sells an experience.

For example, if you’re a clothing retailer, winter is the perfect time to show your coat collection in a striking snowy display. Not only is this visually appealing, it also makes it easier for shoppers to visualise themselves donning your merchandise in the winter months.



8. Shelving units

From floating shelves and freestanding towers to bespoke cabinetry and entire wall display systems, there are a variety of ways you can utilise shelving units to enhance visual merchandising in your store. 

Retail shelving optimises your floor space and can be used to attract customers further into your store. You can also opt for adjustable shelving units that can easily be reconfigured to suit new campaigns and accommodate different-sized products.

ksf global superdry


9. Illuminated merchandise displays

Illuminated merchandise displays in a pharmacy
Source: https://xindadisplay.com/design/glass-shelves-retail-pharmacy-interior-design-016

Effective use of lighting in merchandise displays can increase visual appeal, keep customers in your store for longer, and improve sales. Not only does it highlight products better, it sets the mood for your entire shop.

Don’t just match your brand colours – think about the atmosphere your lighting choice creates. In this merchandise display example, the blue LEDs enhance the shop’s modern, clean aesthetic. Comparatively, warm, soft lighting is perfect for making a space feel cosy.



10. Merchandise display cases

Display cases come in three main forms: vitrines, wall-mounted cases, and freestanding cases. While they all allow you to protect premium or sensitive products, they also all offer unique merchandising options.

Vitrines, or table cases, are elegant merchandise displays used to give customers a top-down view of high-ticket items that are best presented flat, like rings, purses, or watches. 

Wall-mounted cases are well-suited for shoe or handbag displays, allowing you to showcase your full collection in an attractive, space-saving way. 

Finally, freestanding display cases give customers a 360-degree view of the product and can be used to guide them through your store.

Luxury bags on display with glass cabinets
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/581879214362922777/


11. Reclaimed merchandise displays

A reclaimed furniture merchandise display for bags
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/47639708547988750/

You can turn reclaimed pieces of furniture like ladders, pipework and crates into interesting merchandising displays, like this example, where a spool has been upcycled into a rustic display table. 

Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but it also gives your shop a unique touch and creates a memorable experience for your customers. Reclaimed displays are particularly suited to shops with a vintage or bohemian feel.


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12. Mannequins and body forms

Mannequins and body forms are the ultimate merchandise displays. They show your customers how your products are meant to be worn and allow you to upsell complementary items by showcasing an entire outfit. 

Body forms are also perfect for showcasing items that are difficult to display, like hosiery, which look better on a pair of legs than they do in a cardboard tube.

Two mannequins in a shop
Source: https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/mannequin-fashion


13. Display tables

Dark wood display table showing fashion merchandise
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/2251868555001907/

Display tables are great merchandise display examples because they provide you with large surface areas on which to showcase multiple products in a myriad of ways.

Particularly popular for clothing displays, these units invite customers to walk around and interact with the merchandise. They’re also highly effective at creating buzz around a new product launch, sale or special promotion.



14. Gridwall displays

Gridwall displays are perhaps the most affordable and versatile merchandise display examples on the market. They’re incredibly lightweight and slimline and can be customised with a range of accessories so that you can create the display that best suits your needs.

Gridwall panels can also be configured in a number of ways. You can affix them to your walls, use them to turn dead corners into attractive corner displays or add them to ‘L’ legs to create free-standing units – the possibilities are endless.

Gridwall with clothing illuminated with lighting
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/513621532517612152/



15. Footwear stools

A single footwear stool for a shoe store or a shoe brand

If your stores have a shoe display, you need footwear stools. These pieces of retail furniture continue the sit-and-fit tradition of trying shoes on, which plays a crucial role in influencing the customer to make a purchase. 

KSF Global created these retail footwear stools for Regatta to do just that. The clear branding adds a level of professionalism while the use of high-density foam and PU leather maximises comfort and durability. 

The result? Striking footwear stools that encourage customers to sit down and try on the merchandise.



16. Artistic POP stands

Speaking of thinking outside the box, there’s no reason why your POP displays can’t be artistic sculptures in their own right. The goal of these units is to turn heads and influence buying decisions, so don’t be afraid to be as creative as possible.

In this nail polish merchandise display, the stand has been designed as a large-scale sculpture of the actual product. Strategically placed in the middle of the shop floor, it’s bound to stop customers in their tracks and inspire interaction.

A creative nail pop display with polish spilling out
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/305400418494646647/



17. Vending machine-style merchandise displays

A colourful vending machine merchandise display example
Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2011/06/24/streetology-by-facet-studio/

This merchandise display example turns the simple act of shopping into a fun, memorable experience. Inspired by vending machines, this store fixture dispenses t-shirts in plastic tubes and arranges them by colour to create a stunning display that the eye can glide over.

There are several benefits to this display. It drives urgency by showing the stock levels of each item, and it also stirs excitement and turns the act of buying something into a fun game.



18. Informative merchandise displays

Lush is known for its colourful, fragrant and packaging-free product displays, which allow customers to satisfy their senses as they browse. But another key element is their use of chalkboards to display product information and tell customers exactly what they’re looking at.

Providing product information like this makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for and empowers them with the knowledge they need to buy something.

In this particular example, the chalkboard is also used to reinforce the brand’s eco-friendly message of using less plastic. Aligning your merchandise displays with your values like this is a great way to connect with your customers on a deeper level and drive sales.

Lush merchandise display example, branded with dark colours
Source: https://blog.yoobic.com/store-review-lush-liverpool-putting-the-fizz-back-into-retail



19. A focal point for your retail shop

A creative jean merchandise display example
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/29766047529647893/

When designing a merchandise display, consider how you can turn it into a focal point for your entire shop. This will magnetise attention and draw customers further into your store. 

In this merchandise display example, the arrangement of shelves and rails accentuate the hanging jeans. The rustic style of the brand is immediately communicated by the choice of wood panelling, while the large light fixture makes this display hard to miss.



20. A one-of-a-kind merchandise installation

The key to making a lasting impression on customers and inspiring them to buy is to fill them with a sense of awe. Kurt Geiger did this with the shoe chandelier installation, which has become an iconic and recognisable fixture throughout the retail world.

You can create the same sense of awe with a bespoke piece of visual merchandising. This is your chance to unlock your creativity and showcase your products in the most interesting way possible.

A Kurt Geiger store with a unique show merchandise display example
Source: https://www.herworld.com/shopping/shoes-galore-kurt-geiger-open-its-first-singapore-store/



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