Press Release – A Strategic Partnership to Offer Enhanced Technological Solutions

KSF has partnered with retail technology industry leader, ELO

KSF Global is excited to announce its recent partnering with ELO, a global leader in touchscreen solutions, point-of-sale systems and digital signage.

ELO’s products are designed in California and robustly built to be durable. KSF Global has offered technology solutions for some time but now, but thanks to this new partnership with ELO, it has expanded its offering to include a wider range of products with the very last technology available.

This partnership now means KSF Global can provide its customers with a comprehensive suite of products incorporating all the latest technological developments in the area of point-of-sale terminals, endless aisle solutions and retail displays, to name but a few.

Retailers and brands seeking to sell their products using the latest in-store technology and improve their customer experience overall can now benefit from an extensive range of technology solutions that attract customers, are easy to use and ultimately help increase sales.

The new range of retail technology solutions offers the flexibility of either being introduced as a complete solution or integrated into existing retail systems or product displays to enhance the customer experience. The whole team at KSF Global are excited about exploring the possibilities offered by these new solutions with existing and new clients to find ways in which current configurations and retails displays can be improved to offer its customers an even better experience.


Available Retail Technology Solutions

Press Release - A Strategic Partnership to Offer Enhanced Technological Solutions

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