Countertop Displays

Countertop displays can be used to display your latest product campaign and capture those last-minute impulse purchases.

Countertop display stands have many advantages:

  • Perfect for when you only have a small space to display your products
  • Capture those impulse purchases
  • Flexibility for seasonal promotions
  • Countertop display stands are easy to assemble for the retailer
  • Unlimited options for creativity and design

Countertop displays are highly versatile and varied in the ways to which they can be utilised in a retail environment. Best of all, they often take up little space yet can be place right in front of shoppers.

As countertop display stands often vary in size, shape and overall aesthetic, it’s important to create a unique and custom display that catches shopper’s attention while showcasing your brand and products in the best way.

countertop displays in tkmax

Bespoke Countertop Displays

We have created bespoke countertop displays for a great variety of brands and retailers across the globe and we can help you create the right solution to showcase your products that will capture those impulse buys.

When creating your design brief for a countertop display stand, consider the following questions:

  1. How many SKUs and quantity per SKUs to be on display?
  2. What creative imagery or graphics will complement your display?
  3. Will your countertop display be temporary (seasonal) or does it need to last for longer?
  4. How will you incorporate your brand into the display?
  5. What is your total project budget?

The KSF Global team are experts in creating countertop display stands to the highest quality. We have worked with everyone from global brands to small start-ups, designing and manufacturing displays to suit any retail environment. Our focus is always on quality while delivering at the best cost.

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