Product Functions & Features

Square header with logo or promotional graphic

A5 size graphic holder, easily change and replace promotional graphic, depending on the season or for new campaigns.

Complementary colours

Each display can be designed and produced in colours that suit your brand.

Easy assembly

Clear illustration with words instruction make the assembly much easier.

Adjustable arms

Easily adjust the arms to suit your products. Straight arms or glass shelves options are available.

Sustainable materials

Made with metal and MDF. We are experienced in sourcing sustainable materials. This display is also durable and modern.

Retail Environment

Fashion & Apparel

Sports & Outdoor

Healthcare & Homeware

Product specifications


L: 71.5cm     D: 71.5cm     H: 166cm


Powder Coated, Painted


Mild Steel and MDF


Each product display and retail fixture is fully customisable to suit your brand. The final piece must be designed to reflect your brand. It must also suit the retailer in which it will be displayed.

We are committed to taking you through the entire process, ensuring that your budget is taken into consideration throughout. Thanks to our in-house design expertise and global manufacturing capabilities, we can provide a complete retail display solution service from start to finish.

Globally Created, Locally Delivered

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