Perfume Display Stands

Our perfume display stands are built to dazzle shoppers and yet harmonise with a store’s overall aesthetic. A concept which resembles the product itself since perfumes are designed to enhance the attractiveness of its wearer while subtly blending into a person’s natural scent.

Explore our range of perfume displays for brands and retailers.

Perfume display stands for brands:

  • Free-standing perfume displays
  • Countertop perfume displays
  • Promotional display units

Perfume display stands for retailers:

  • Perfume display cabinets
  • Wall display systems
  • Bespoke shop fittings
  • Perfume Window Display

We build perfume display stands that stand out and convey the image of your perfume giving customers an impression of the scent even before they can smell it.

Perfume displays for retail

Bespoke Perfume Display Stand

At KSF Global, we have a wealth of experience in crafting bespoke and eye-catching perfume display stands, that communicate your perfume’s persona and make your brand stand out. Our team of designers is passionate about creating a solution that fits your needs best.

Our bespoke perfume display stands elevate the personality of your perfume and brand. Perfume is often marketed using images and colours to convey its character to shoppers.

We use both for our perfume display stands: A muted, pastel colour scheme for delicate scents, pink and floral shades to depict its playful charm, or bolder, bright tones to evoke rebelliousness and a more exciting bouquet.

Give us a call today and let’s find out how we can create an elegant, playful or even alluring perfume display stand solution dependent on your requirements.

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