Point of Sale Displays

A point of sale display (POS display) is used to draw shopper’s attention to a new product promotion or a particular range. Whether you’re a brand looking for new ways to promote your product or a retailer looking to increase overall sales, innovative POS displays are a great solution.

As a point of sale display company, we design, prototype and manufacture a range of Point of Sale Displays (POS displays).

Every good point of sale display project begins with your end goals. For example, are you intending to use it to make people more aware of your brand? Then you might want to use strong imagery and eye-catching colours. A more sales-focused display puts more emphasis on the products and their unique selling points.

At KSF Global, we have spent years helping firms in the UK and overseas create POS displays that have boosted sales, improved brand recognition and led to a better customer experience. We are experienced in designing and creating a wide range of point of sales display stands.

Point of Sale Displays

Bespoke Point of Sale Displays

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to point of sale display stands. Our bespoke POS display service takes your initial brief or idea and works with you to create a brainstorm of possible solutions. As part of our services, we then create a prototype and value engineer the solution. Finally, we manufacture and deliver the POS display to your required location.

If you’re trying to come up with initial ideas and inspiration for your next POS display project, think about how much time the shoppers will have to soak in your point of sale display. For example, if it’s at the tills, gear your design towards stand-out graphics that can entice impulse purchases. If it’s in an aisle or elsewhere in the store, you will be able to add more informative text on the display or even technology solutions like a demo video.

One of the best ways to use point of sale stands is to create a value proposition; something that quickly communicates to consumers exactly why buying your product is the right thing for them. This should be done in clear, concise language, ideally with a specific call to action that informs customers of the main reason they should make a purchase.

Get in touch with the team at KSF Global about your next POS display solution. KSF Global is an experienced point of sale display manufacturer providing end to end design and delivery POS solutions.

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