Powertool Display Stand

A power tool display stand for retail should showcase your products in the best way. Display racks are also a good option for retailers that want to showcase a range of power tools from multiple brands.

You may be creating a new display for a product campaign or for a long-term retail promotion with seasonal graphics. For power tools, it’s important to consider the weight of the products, the materials you want to use for your product displays and the length of time your display is required for. Combining these factors in the right way will allow you to achieve the best total project cost.

With our in-house retail display designers and retail manufacturing facilities, we can guide you through the entire product display process.

There are many different types of general power tool display stands that you can choose from:

  • Freestanding display units – Great for promotional campaigns
  • Gondola end displays – Other types of products can be incorporated such as power tool accessories or safety equipment
  • Display shelving – Perfect for retailers that want to display a range of products

To compete in the increasingly competitive DIY retail market, it’s essential that your product display is unique while reflecting your brand.

When creating your retail design brief, think about your products USP. What do your customers need to know? Whether that is the performance, benefits or the aesthetic features of your power tools.

Man drilling with a power tool

Bespoke Power Tool Display Stands

When creating a bespoke retail power tool display, start with your objectives and your brand vision.

Ask yourself the following questions when planning your power tool display:

  1. How many SKU’s need to be on display?
  2. What is the ideal quantity per SKU on display?
  3. Does the display stand need seasonal updates, or is it temporary?
  4. What is your total project budget?
  5. Are there any constraints or challenges?

We have created power tool display stands for a range of different products, from drills, to saws, to sanders and many more.

Enquire about our power tool display stand solutions. At KSF Global, we’re well-versed in making bespoke product displays for our clients globally, and we can help you create the right solution to showcase your range.

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