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Accessory Display Stand

Displaying accessories can be tricky if you don’t have the right stands or racks on-hand. Smaller items can easily get missed by consumers whose eyes will naturally be drawn to large, eye-catching products, so you need to make sure you’re making the best use of retail display materials if you want to make sure your accessories sell. Here at KSF Global, we’re well-versed in making bespoke accessories display stands for our many clients, and we can help you create the right solution to showcase your range of products. For your answer to displaying smaller items, look no further!

Why use an accessories display rack? 

The short answer to this is because if not, you’re going to struggle to sell any accessories. Smaller items are notoriously hard to display without committing stands or racks to that purpose. Placing them on ordinary shelving units is almost guaranteed to lead to them getting mixed up or simply passed over by customers who don’t see them 

There are also several security benefits to having a dedicated rack for your accessories, as well as more placement options. Often, accessories are best placed near the tills of a store, as they can be impulse buys. Other times, it is much better to locate accessories near to the specific products they will be used with.

How to display accessories for retail 

As mentioned above, there are several different placement options. However, as a rule, it is best to make sure your accessories are clearly shown to be apart from larger products. This is because quite often, consumers are either not shopping specifically for an accessory – in which case you’re better off displaying them in a high-traffic area – or will be looking for a specific option and won’t want to have to pick through too many related products. 

Mobile Accessories Displays 

Mobile phone accessories are a great example. Charging cables, headphones, cases and similar products are usually bought as either replacements for similar items that have been lost or broken, or spur-of-the-moment purchases. 

If you mix these accessories in with the actual phones, you can make it harder for customers to find what they want. Displaying them separately makes it more likely they’ll be spotted and purchased. 

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The Best Shop Displays for Accessories 

Retail displays aren’t something many people know a lot about, but here at KSF Global we have plenty of experience creating bespoke solutions for businesses from all over the world. We’ve even been able to completely transform stores with innovative uses of shelving and displays. If you’re not sure how best to showcase your accessories, get in touch today.