Cosmetics Display

Creating Your Ultimate Branded Cosmetics Display

In 2019, the cosmetics and beauty industry was worth $532 billion, and was one of the most competitive and fastestgrowing markets in the world. Online shopping has introduced hundreds of indie brands to the high street, providing greater opportunities for retailers. Your brand-new cosmetics display can offer an amazing new opportunity to reach out to new customers or cement your business as a market leader.  

Creating the perfect cosmetics display for your brand does not need to be complicated. However, a great deal of consideration and care needs to go into the planning. How do you want to lay out your products? How will the display look from across the store? What exactly will entice customers over?  

Matching the Cosmetics Display to Your Customer 

Be it skin care, make up, hair care or toiletries, customers want to explore and have fun with cosmetics in store. Engaging and trying out the product is vital in the customers’ shopping process, so it is paramount that your cosmetics display is open and accessible.  

Shoppers are savvier than ever before, and they know what they want from their brands. This means your display needs to strike the right balance between educating your customer and guiding them to the product they are seeking. There may be many different reasons why the consumer has chosen to shop with your brand. Whether that’s because you have the best formula, you are all natural or your products are vegan, your display needs to help your customers navigate to the right product for them.  

Cosmetics Displays that Communicate 

You may only have a few seconds to communicate your entire brand USP or ethos through one display. Considering how every aspect of your cosmetics display conveys this messaging will help your brand stand out from a crowded market.  

Ask yourself: if your brand was a material, what would it be? Wood, metal or plastic? What kind of finish would have? If the brand was a light, would it be a warm glow, or a bright LED?  

Expertise in Cosmetics Display 

The KSF Global team are experts in creating stunning cosmetic displays to the highest quality. We have worked with everyone from global brands to small start-ups, designing and manufacturing displays to suit any retail environment. Our focus is always on quality while delivering at the best cost. Take a look at our cosmetics displays or reach out to our team to learn how we can help you. 

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