MakeUp Display Stand

MakeUp Display Stand 

It might seem like displaying makeup would be no different to any of your other products, but it can actually be surprisingly complicated. If you want to encourage customers to browse and buy, you’ll need to think carefully about how you showcase your makeup so it doesn’t seem intimidating while also not coming across as cheap. 

There are so many types of makeup available to consumers, with different products, brands, shades and formulas to choose from. This can make shopping seem incredibly complicated, and you don’t want to put your customers off. At the same time, making things look too simple is a good way to put off connoisseurs.  

Creating an effective makeup retail display 

So, how can you navigate this makeup display stand minefield? One key tip is to make sure you make everything easy to see from the start. If you’re displaying 50 different shades of eyeshadow or nail polish, you should make sure it’s easy to see the different colours from a distance so customers can easily find what they need. 

Customer psychology and your makeup display units 

When it comes to makeup, you’re not just selling something that helps customers change how they look; really, it’s about changing how they feel. As such, you’ll want to tailor your displays to the emotions the products can invoke. Different styles of makeup can make customers feel rebellious, adventurous, sultry or sophisticated, and your retail displays should reflect this. 

Also bear in mind that these are products customers will be putting on their skin, so they won’t want to go for anything that looks too cheap. Tailor your displays to make them feel safe in the knowledge they’re choosing a high-quality product, as they won’t want to risk picking something that will irritate or harm them. 

Makeup display stand experts 

Here at KSF, we have years of experience crafting display stands for our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the best option for their unique retail environment. Have a look at our makeup retail display stands, or get in touch with us to see if we can help you create the bespoke offering you’ve been looking for. 

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