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Eyewear & Sunglasses Displays

If you are a specialist eyewear retailer, you will have a pretty good idea about the challenges in displaying your products effectively. You need to encourage customers to browse the frames while also giving each product or brand space to breathe. It’s a fine line to walk, but our team can help.  

When you are considering your retail environment, think about how your customer navigates your store. For eyewear specialists, typically a customer will be faced with rows upon rows of eyewear racks. Customers will need to work a little harder than usual to find the product they are looking for. You can help your customers by focusing their attention with some well designed and placed eyewear & sunglasses displays.  

Think about how you want shoppers to move around the store. Use colour to help your sunglasses displays pop, or even perhaps make use of spotlighting. Are you utilising freestanding and countertop POS in the best way possible? Studies have shown that customers will default to moving around a retail environment in a clockwise direction, so take full advantage of this by being inventive with your displays.   

Sunglasses Displays with a Difference 

Mapping the layout of your eyewear and sunglasses displays is just the first step. You have a plethora of options when it comes to the materials and finishes of your displays. The quality of the display is often an indicator of the quality of the product for customers. Designer brands will usually invest in a display stand that has a beautiful finish or look that ties in with their branding. It elevates the overall quality of their brand and draws the attention of high-end shoppers.  

Many eyewear retailers will often choose a cost-saving display for their eyewear product, which is no bad thing if sales are already good. However, most retailers get confused and frustrated as to why their own-brand glasses are not meeting sales expectations. You may want to consider investing in higher quality materials or finishes for sunglasses displays, to add a little wow factor and encourage shoppers to pick up your frames first.  

KSF Global: The Eyewear & Sunglasses Display Specialists  

Our team of experts have many years’ experience in creating bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ displays for eyewear retailers. Creating for both high-end brands and for highstreet retailers, we can design the perfect eyewear & sunglasses displays for you. We are passionate about delivering brilliant design at a cost that suits your budget, whatever that might look like.  

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