20 Retail Clothing Rack Examples for Your Retail Stores

Retail clothing racks do more than just keep stock organised and easy to browse through.

When designed well, they can set the entire mood of your store, reinforce your branding, and turn the shopping process into a shopping experience.

Clothing racks can be:

  • Movable or immovable, depending on your store’s needs 
  • Made from many materials, from wood to metal to industrial pipes
  • Upcycled statement pieces that create an eye-catching display
  • Useful space savers if you need to maximise floor space

Here are some inspiring clothing rack examples that you can use to make your merchandise displays stand out and drive more sales.


Retail Clothing Rack Ideas

1. Simple and sleek

Regatta outdoor retail clothing display


Never underestimate the power of a simple, freestanding display rack. Often featuring lockable wheels, these can be placed in high-traffic areas to encourage sales. They’re also a simple way to organise clothes so customers can easily find what they want.

In this example by KSF Global for Regatta, switchable display panels and their brand’s signature colour scheme helped elevate the display’s style and create cohesion throughout the store.


2. Wooden clothing racks

If you want a clothing rack that reflects your brand’s personality and values, consider the material. For instance, if you want to demonstrate your sustainable practices, using wood in your displays is a great way to do it.

In this example, KSF Global created a freestanding wooden clothing rack for Superdry that matched their store’s cosy atmosphere while reflecting their commitment to the environment.

Custom built display stand for clothing



3. Garment racks

TK Maxx clothing display example

Garment racks are a classic way to display clothing. With rails on either side of the island and end bays for cross-selling accessories, they invite customers to move around the display and interact with a large range of merchandise.

As you can see in this example by KSF Global for TK Maxx, garment racks also create a flow to your retail shop, guiding shoppers through and keeping their interests piqued.


4. Island gondola clothing racks

Island gondolas are perfect for optimising cross-selling. For example, this island gondola display unit KSF Global created for Xpert features a range of accessories, from shelves to rails to hooks. 

This allows full outfits and matching accessories to be sold together, like shirts, trousers and belts.

The front view of black metal gondola display unit for workwear clothing



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5. On-brand retail clothing racks

ksf global maryling shanghai

To create a cohesive shopping experience, your clothing racks should always be on-brand. This will not only elevate your shop and create a more pleasant shopping experience, it will also help customers remember you. 

When fitting out a Maryling store in China, KSF Global designed the clothing racks to be completely clear. This matched the sleek, chic and understated aesthetic that Maryling is known for. It also opened up floor space and prioritised functionality.


6.  Freestanding clothing racks

This minimalist freestanding retail clothes rail is perfect for modern stores. Its open design allows customers to browse through clothing with ease. The sturdy metal frame and warm wooden base offer simple elegance ensuring that the focus remains on the products showcased.

Versatility is at the core of this clothing rack, as it offers mobility to retailers looking to optimise their space for seasonal collections. The rail’s structure is designed to keep the visual space uncluttered, making it a practical and attractive choice for any retailer looking to enhance the shopping experience.

20 Retail Clothing Rack Examples for Your Retail Stores



7. Moving clothing rails

If you’re looking for an innovative and modern clothing rack example, consider dry cleaner-style moving rails. These add a fun, interactive element to your store and will get your customers excited to browse the displays.

Moving rails can also create a sense of urgency because they make the products seem transitory. This encourages customers to make quick purchase decisions.



8. Modular clothing racks

Want flexible displays you can change depending on campaigns or seasons? Modular clothing racks are the best choice.

These displays are fully configurable, allowing you to rearrange them and customise them with a range of display accessories, like rails, shelves and hooks.

Modular clothing racks for a retail store
Photo by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash


9. Clothing racks with rails and shelving

Clothing rack rails with shelving
Photo by Burgess Milner on Unsplash

Installing clothing racks with multiple display options, like shelves and rails, is a great way to pair outfits together, promote more merchandise, and encourage interaction.

This clothing rack example is easy to spot and will draw customers deeper into your store. Consider making it stand out even more by colour-coordinating your merchandise so that the eye moves easily across it.



10. Gridwall clothing racks

If you have an empty corner in your retail shop, you can easily transform it into a selling opportunity by installing corner gridwall panels.

When customised with a curved rail, this display makes a perfect clothing rack for special offers, while also making your store feel livelier by eliminating dead space.



11. Industrial pipework

You can turn reclaimed pieces of furniture like ladders, pipework and crates into interesting merchandising displays. 

Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but it also gives your shop a unique touch and creates a memorable experience for your customers. Reclaimed displays are particularly suited to shops with a vintage or bohemian feel.


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12. Mannequins and body forms

Don’t forget about mannequins when talking about retail displays. These are the ultimate clothing racks because they show shoppers how garments are meant to look. This makes it easier for them to visualise themselves in your merchandise.

You can also use body forms, such as hand and leg models or busts, to showcase clothing accessories like gloves, hosiery, and hats. Place these next to your clothing displays to boost cross-sells and add variation to your shop floor.

Mannequin displays as clothing racks
Photo by Kitti Incédi on Unsplash


13. Floating clothing racks

A floating clothing rack, hanging down
Source: Photo by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash

If you really want to make a statement and get customers talking about your store, floating clothing racks are the way to do it. These displays add an artistic touch to your space while still feeling sleek and modern. 

Floating clothing racks also maximise floor space and encourage interaction between your customers and staff, which helps to get them closer to that point of sale.



14. Spiral clothing rack

Another great way to make your floor space look more dynamic is a freestanding spiral rack. The spiral creates movement in your store, making it feel more energetic. 

These displays are simple enough to minimise visual clutter but interesting enough to catch the customer’s attention and invite them to flick through the merchandise.



15. Leaning garment racks for promotions

Leaning garment racks are a unique way to promote a campaign, highlight a new product, or cross-sell complementary items. The grid layout allows you to make these displays jump out with branded posters that give more information about the products. 

This clothing rack example is perfect for showcasing a hero product by elevating it above the hanging items below.



16. Clothing racks built into walls

If you want to maximise your shop floor but keep your wall space looking minimal and uncluttered, opt for clothing racks that are built into the wall itself. 

The depth of the cubby holes offers valuable storage space, while the outward display is still flush with the wall. It’s also easy to keep this type of display looking full and well-stocked as you can simply pull merchandise forward.

Built in clothing racks for a car retailer
Source: Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash



17. Round-top clothing racks

Circular clothing racks are some of the most widely used retail displays – and for good reason. They maximise inventory on the floor, guide customers around the displays, and allow your merchandise to be seen from all angles.

Consider colour-coordinating the items on your round-top clothing racks to enhance visual appeal and keep your display looking neat.



18. Bespoke cabinetry

Add a luxurious element to your retail store by commissioning a bespoke display cabinet replete with clothing rails, shelves, and eye-catching spotlights. 

This clothing rack example makes your items feel more exclusive and influences the customer’s perception of value. Bespoke pieces are also designed to fit your store seamlessly so that you can create a flawless shopping experience.



19. Four-way clothing racks

Retail clothing racks built into walls

Photo by Alexander Kovacs on Unsplash

Four-way clothing racks are popular retail displays because you can display a variety of merchandise without taking up too much space. 

The multi-directional arms make this fixture perfect for cross-selling different types of clothing. Unlike round clothing racks, the garments are outward facing, and each section can be seen clearly so that shoppers can view the items more easily.



20. Digital clothing racks

Many retailers are now using technology to enhance their clothing racks. In one example by O2 for St Helens, digital displays above the garments showed which items were most popular on social media, helping to guide customers’ decisions on which product to buy. 

Other shops are using interactive retail displays as part of their clothing racks to show videos of the clothes being worn, additional product information, and even reviews from other customers. All this helps influence the customer and get them closer to the checkout.

A digital display as an alternative to a clothing rack



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