Retail Design is Key to Primark Success

Last week Primark announced that it would be opening seven new stores across the Northeast of America. These include huge retail stores in Boston, New York and Philadelphia, leased from Sears covering over 48,000sq meters.

This seemingly aggressive expansion from Primark has been in the works for months with meticulous research and planning. Across the UK, Primark is famous for its budget clothing and quick fashion turnaround. The clothing brand has even cemented its name in UK popular culture, affectionately known as ‘Primarni’. However, here is the challenge that Primark faces in America; brand recognition. How do you break into a country where no one has heard of your brand?

KSF Global has helped many brands take their first step into new territory such as China. We can confidently say that Primark are doing all the right things to ensure their success; they are researching customers, location and retail market in depth. In short, they are listening to shoppers and reacting accordingly.

Collaborating with Sears in renting space was Primark’s first smart move. These are practically tried and tested spaces that Primark can slot into easily. The footfall and suitability of location is not in question, Primark will just need to fit-out the store with their own fixtures and fittings. Leasing these unwanted spaces from retail giant, Sears could signal an even bigger partnership for the future.

Primark has avoided selling clothing online unlike many of their competitors, instead, Primark have heavily invested in the look and design of their stores. Primark thinks about cost, look and functionality of every fitting in store, while creating a vibe that is fresh and youthful. Ignoring online retailing in favour of creating vibrant retail spaces, Primark will be capturing millennials who love to browse the mall and Instagram their favourite items. Primark’s store design in the UK never stands still and is perfect for sharing visually across social media.

While competitors have been tightening their belts, Primark has seen a 26% rise in profits even though the company has completely reinvented their in-store look. Primark has made no secret that their success will depend heavily on getting shoppers to spread the word on social media to ensure their success in America. We do not think Primark will have to much difficulty inspiring customers to click ‘share’ online.

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