12 Creative Salon Retail Display Ideas

In the world of beauty and hair care, you strive to offer exceptional services as well as an inviting retail experience for customers.  

The retail area of a salon is not just a point of sale; it’s a crucial aspect of the customer experience, representing the salon’s brand and aesthetic. 

In this blog, we’ll explore 12 creative salon retail display ideas. From minimalist shelves to interactive displays, these ideas will help transform your salon’s retail space into a captivating shopping destination.


Salon Retail Display Ideas

1. Freestanding Salon Display Unit

A freestanding salon display unit from the front

This freestanding display unit is a smart pick if you want to spotlight your bestsellers or new arrivals.  

Its compact design means you can place it just about anywhere, and the levels are just right for customers to get a good look at all your products. Plus, there’s a handy space at the top to showcase your brand name.  

To make this salon display unit work for you, choose a spot with plenty of customer traffic and watch your products stand out. 


2. Beauty Product Display

This beauty product display grabs attention with its playful heart shape at the top, setting a fun and loving theme for the products you want to highlight. The bright, inviting colors ensure that your items are the first thing customers see.  

To bring this idea to life, pick a theme that matches the personality of your products.  

This kind of skincare display works great for a collection with common features—like scents or ingredients—telling a story that customers will adore. 

Cosmetics POP Display


3. Hair Extension Display

12 Creative Salon Retail Display Ideas

This hair extension display is a stylish way to show off the variety of shades available. The neat arrangement on a circular rack makes it easy for clients to browse and compare different colors and textures.  

With clear labelling, it’s a breeze for anyone to find their perfect match. If you want to give your extension offerings a professional edge, consider a setup like this—it’s functional and instantly gives a glimpse of your quality. Make sure the display is at eye level and in a well-lit area to make those colors truly shine. 


4. Beauty Counter

Step up your retail game with a beauty counter. The bold red color instantly grabs attention, and the neatly organized makeup and skincare products make it irresistible to browse.  

This isn’t just about selling; it’s an invitation for customers to experience and test your products. Add a counter like this near the entrance or at a central point to make a striking impression and tempt clients to treat themselves. Plus, with a well-lit mirror and some testers on hand, it’s perfect for quick touch-ups, encouraging customers to try and buy. 

In Shop Beauty Counter


Get Inspired: Beauty Works Case Study 

Discover how Beauty Works transformed their retail displays with KSF Global’s innovative solutions. This case study showcases the creation of versatile, brand-enhancing units that redefine salon spaces. Dive into the details of their global rollout and get inspired for your own space. To see the full story, check out the Beauty Works case study. 

New call-to-action



5. Makeup Display Stand 

12 Creative Salon Retail Display Ideas

This makeup display stand is all about creating an immersive experience. Its curved design invites customers in from all angles, encouraging them to explore and engage with the products.  

With clear signage and strategic lighting, it highlights new arrivals and bestsellers, creating an interactive space that’s as informative as it is inviting.  

To replicate this setup, focus on a welcoming layout and good lighting. It’s a surefire way to create an attractive focal point in your salon that customers will be drawn to. 


6. Wooden Shelving for Salon Products 

This wooden shelving setup gives your salon a touch of nature with its warm, inviting look. Products are neatly arranged, easy to see and reach, making this perfect for featuring your organic or eco-friendly lines.  

To recreate this vibe, keep the wooden finish natural and consider adding a plant or two for a fresh, green touch. It’s a simple yet effective way to make your products feel accessible and aligned with wellness. 

Wooden salon shelving in a waiting room


7. Full Aisle Beauty Products 

Full Aisle Cosmetics Shop Display

Turn a simple aisle into a vibrant showcase with a setup like this one. The lively pink color and playful hearts create a feel-good vibe that can make browsing your products an absolute joy.  

Each shelf is packed with products and lined up so customers can easily spot their favorites or discover something new.  

Want to make this happen in your space? Just choose a color that matches your brand’s spirit and arrange your products by type or color. It’s a great way to create a shopping experience that’s as enjoyable as it is efficient. 


8. Hair Color Product Display

This hair color product display is the ultimate blend of function and style. Organized by color and type, it’s a cinch for stylists and clients alike to find exactly what they need. The clear labels up top make it a helpful reference tool, too.  

If you’re aiming to give your salon that professional edge, this kind of organized setup is key. Stock it with your color range, make sure each label is spot-on, and you’ve got yourself a display that’s as informative as it is visually appealing. 

A display in a salon for hair colours


9. Clean Display with Drawers 

A clean and modern display in a salon fixtures

This clean display with drawers combines a sleek design with practical storage. The crisp white shelving against a muted backdrop makes for an elegant presentation of your products, with drawers that keep extra stock handy but out of sight.  

To emulate this look, use shelves with clean lines and a neutral color palette. It’s ideal for featuring a select range of products and keeps the focus on your top sellers. Add some greenery to bring life to the space, and you’ve got a display that’s both beautiful and functional. 


10. Black Aesthetic

This black aesthetic display is a striking centrepiece that exudes modern luxury. The reflective surfaces and monochromatic theme give off a sleek, high-end vibe that will draw clients in. It’s perfect for exclusive products or your salon’s premium line.

To pull this off, focus on minimalist design and high-contrast lighting to make your products pop against the dark backdrop. Wheels at the base suggest mobility, offering a versatile layout for your salon space. Add in some elegant seating, and you create a deluxe browsing area that feels like a VIP section.

Products on display in a salon


11. Soft Lighting

A soft lighting display in a salon

This display uses soft lighting to create a welcoming and calming shopping experience. The gentle illumination sets off each product, inviting customers to take a closer look without any harsh glares.  

To achieve this in your salon, install warm LED strips under each shelf and choose a soft color for the backdrop to enhance the cozy ambience. It’s perfect for creating a relaxing environment where clients feel at ease exploring and selecting products. 



12. Simple Shelving

Check out this simple shelving idea for a sleek and tidy look in your salon.  

The white shelves create a striking backdrop that makes your colorful products catch the eye.  

It’s a great fit if you’re going for that modern, minimalist feel where every product gets its chance to shine. Just line up your shelves and give each product some breathing room. 

Simple shelving in a salon


Enhance Your Salon Retail Areas With KSF Global

We’ve journeyed through a realm of creativity with 12 salon retail display ideas that merge aesthetics with practicality.  

From simple shelving to elaborate, brand-centric units, each concept offers a unique way to capture your clients’ attention and boost retail sales. Implement these ideas in your salon to transform your retail space into an inviting gallery of beauty products. 

Remember, a well-designed display is more than just a shelf; it’s the silent ambassador of your brand. Now, it’s your turn to take these inspirations and make them your own. 

Happy styling! 

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