As our customers, whether you are Brands, Retailers, or Trade professionals, you will find out that KSF Global can work with you at any stage of a design or project from concept to completion, at any scale from a single hook to a full store rollout, and at anywhere from Great China, Asia, Europe and North America.

We appreciate that it is impossible for any single company to be complete masters of the many different services required from their in-house resources alone.
KSF Global have developed a co-operative integration between like-minded , high standard partners each bringing their particular core-strengths in specialist areas, so that together KSF Global operates a seamless and integrated eco-system that provides all the services and turn-key solutions to our customers while keeping agile, lean and in control. 

We promise to make your brand stand out from the crowd by high impact design that engages and turns shoppers into your customers. Our solution is based upon the understanding of your target customers, competitions, industry trends, retailing channels and your brand uniqueness. Moreover, you will enjoy the best costs via our global supply chain.

We work on all kinds of projects ranging from shop in shop, pop-up shop, window displays, point of sale and point of purchase displays.

We promise to bring significant savings to your store refurbishment and new concept roll-out programs via our global supply chains in the UK, Europe and China. Our centrally managed logistic and fulfillment partners will look after every stage through to the shop floor for your national, regional and international store portfolio.

Given the ever-changing retailing environment, we are alwarys prepared to customise our service to meet your specific needs and support your growth. 


We are providing an extra competitive edge to support trade customers who are incumbent suppliers to the brands and retailers to improve their cost structure through our Far East supply chain. We will be your sub-contracted manufacturer bringing values and know-how to fully protect you from the associated risks.

We will work with you together and, as your extended team, will provide the required cross-cultural experience and know-how to make sure your direct customers are effectively served and completely satisfied.

There are 5 key stages in the lifecycle of any retail project that we go through with our customers to define the scale and depth so as to decide our involvement.

KSF Five D's


KSF Global How we work

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