Display Development

Our retail display development service follows a two-step process:

  1. We take your initial concept or design and create manufacturing specifications.
  2. We then deliver a production-ready prototype for evaluation.

At KSF Global, we draw on our extensive experience to make sure your retail display is developed and manufactured to the highest standard. We will work with you at every step of the way to ensure an outstanding customer experience and that the end result meets your expectations.

Our focus during the display development stage to use our experience to:

  • Produce the most cost-effective end solution
  • Keeping the creative and brand elements of the design

Overall, our passion for problem solving and thorough approach enables us to manufacture to high volumes with the same attention to detail as we would give to smaller, more complex and bespoke projects.

Display Development
Display Development

Value engineering

During the development of technical specifications and the prototype, we focus on value engineering to produce an innovative, cost-effective solution that still meets the brief.

Retail value engineering is a daily aspect of our job and helps us to deliver continuous improvement and cost savings for clients, large and small.

This is a vital part of driving down the manufacturing cost to enable significant cost savings and ROI for our clients. Solving problems, reducing costs and offering better ideas and concepts is vital to the success of any project.

When value engineering is undertaken in the correct and best possible way, significant total project cost savings can be made. This means that display is manufactured with the design integrity intact, exceeding the vital criteria of achieving a cost saving and yet able to function to a high overall standard

The KSF Global team have decades of experience in developing value engineered designs for our clients, whilst retaining an innovative design. We will seek to strip out any unnecessary costs deliver you’re an excellent end result for your project.


The next stage of retail display development is to create a prototype of your product display, retail fixture or retail technology solution..

We offer a flexible and highly dedicated working approach to helping you with your prototype design and development with the expertise and facilities to handle the complete process or tailored support for your own retail team.

This stage that has a major influence on every other aspect of the end result. We want to ensure you utilise the ideal material for purpose and you also have a good understanding of the different finishes available.

We delve into as much detail as possible in the brief to get the clearest understanding of your requirements and the needs within your market sector so we can really comprehend what you require. We then apply our expertise to further improve the final product to be truly fit for use.

You will work with our team across the globe to create your production-ready prototype, this includes in-depth technical specifications and a physical prototype for inspection. We will then work on the feedback to create a final piece for production.

Case Study

How we helped Kenneth Cole to deliver a nationwide brand vision from source to store

Display Development

Find out how Kenneth Cole executed a nationwide brand overhaul by partnering with us to deliver affordable store fixtures. See which materials and retail display stands we used to bring their brand vision to life.

We were able to deliver impressive results for Kenneth Cole, including a 30% savings in production costs. Throughout the project, we worked closely with their marketing team to deliver on time, budget and requirements.

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kenneth cole case study for Retail Display Development

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