Retail Consultancy

In the ever-changing world of retail and online shopping, it has never been more important to get the strategy element of your retail plans right. Our retail consultancy service analyses your retail strategy and your marketing plans to help you to validate your plans and offer unique ideas or cost-saving alternatives to help you to run a smooth and successful project.

With our experience in shopper marketing, branding and retail fixtures, we have the tools and know-how to help you create a solid and effective plan. We have been doing this for years and this means we are able to offer the most effective advice.

Overall, across every project we undertake and with ever client we work with, we strive to help you to increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction.

Retail Consultancy
Retail Consultancy

Retail Consultancy

The KSF Global retail consultancy service has been created for brands, retailers and trade clients, to improve their retail projects. To date, we have helped retail marketers, board level delegates and operational professionals make sense of what they wish to achieve.

We consult to create a better retail experience. With decades of experience helping brands and retailers align their buying, planning and visual merchandising processes. We look to overcome any hurdles a retailer may face in the most ingenious and effective ways possible.

Our retail consultancy service can offer improvement in several areas:

Thanks to our many years of experience in retail, we have helped many clients to make permanent improvements to their retail operations and product campaigns. Overall, our aim is to optimise value in order to help enhance the bottom line and still focus on creating a better outcome for your project.

Retail Strategy

A retail strategy is the process you use to develop your products or services and sell them to customers. This entails a number of key elements, including location, store, merchandise/assortment, visual merchandising, staff, service, mass media and communications and price.

We are always happy to review retail marketing strategy plans, whether you are a retailer with several stores or a marketing manager with a product campaign.


In the past, we have helped clients to:

  • Save money on production by utilising manufacturing in new locations, such as China or Eastern Europe.
  • Reduce total project costs by using innovative graphics
  • Create eye-catching product displays that drive sales
  • Develop innovative technology solutions that create a buzz around a brand

Retail experience, globally, has been through some suffering times. High streets have seen an increase in empty shops, declining footfall and there is no guarantee this will change any time soon. Retailers need to focus on providing the best possible shopping experience that is effective, tells a meaningful brand story and meets customer expectations by doing everything which is expected of them.

View a recent case study to find out more about our retail consultancy capabilities, or get in touch with the KSF team today.

Case Study

See how this retailer created the ideal store layout

Retail Consultancy

Find out how this retailer solved multiple issues, by analysing the store layout and improving the shopping experience.

KSF Global was able to provide this business with a unique retail solution that improved the customer’s experience and perception.

Find out how the team worked with this high street retailer to leverage their current customer experience into something extraordinary and profitable.

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Retail Consultancy

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