Retail Manufacturing

Our retail manufacturing service helps Brands, Retailers and Trade clients to achieve more cost-effective POS / POP and retail display projects. With our in-house team and partners across the globe, we can help you to create the most successful retail display projects

With our experience in shopper insights and retail design as well as display manufacturing, we expertly challenge briefs to ensure that they will work in the retail environment.

We have helped many clients to improve their retail manufacturing supply chain and processes to achieve greater efficiency and reduce costs and ensure client projects have been able to complete on time and within budget.

We are well experienced in managing and overseeing all of the key manufacturing processes and with this we can control costs

Throughout every project we undertake, we pay close attention to detail and our prototyping and retail manufacturing service is no exception. The KSF team work with a tried and tested process that delivers on efficiency as well as quality control.

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Retail Manufacturing
Retail Manufacturing

Retail Manufacturing

KSF Global are retail manufacturing experts with a team that stretches right across the globe. We have the capability to manufacture all types of retail solutions including:

  • POS / POP displays 
  • Counter top displays 
  • Retail shelving 
  • Display racks 
  • Gondolas 
  • Shop in shop

Our retail manufacturing service allows you to make the most of Global outsourcing without the risk of working with unknown suppliers in unfamiliar countries. We employ the very best team of staff, from design to production staff right through to finishing staff to deliver you the high end finish you deserve.

We are also different to most retail manufacturers. Our ‘East meets West’ philosophy, with our second office in China and volume production in Eastern Europe means that you can take advantage of the innovation and cost savings of working with a worldwide partner.

With our unique set up, it means that as a client you only need to have one point of contact throughout your project. We are on hand and able to oversee every detail for you from beginning to end

Display Manufacturing

KSF Global have been manufacturing retail displays, fixtures and fittings since 2008. Our retail display manufacturing service is capable of creating quality bespoke pieces as well as high volume displays that can be rolled out to a number of stores.

This stage that has a major influence on every other aspect of the end result. We want to ensure you utilise the ideal material for purpose and you also have a good understanding of the different finishes available.

We delve into as much detail as possible in the brief to get the clearest understanding of your requirements and the needs within your market sector so we can really comprehend what you require. We then apply our expertise to further improve the final product to be truly fit for use.

You will work with our team across the globe to create your production-ready prototype, this includes in-depth technical specifications and a physical prototype for inspection. We will then work on the feedback to create a final piece for production.

Case Study

See how this retailer created the ideal store layout

Retail Manufacturing

Find out how this retailer solved multiple issues, by analysing the store layout and improving the shopping experience.

KSF Global was able to provide this business with a unique retail solution that improved the customer’s experience and perception

Find out how the team worked with this high street retailer to leverage their current customer experience into something extraordinary and profitable.

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Retail Manufacturing

Games Workshop

“An exceptional partner”

“Games Workshop has always found KSF to be an exceptional partner. Having strong ties in Europe and the Far East, they have consistently been able to source products for our expanding retail business with the quality and specification to suit and a price which delights."

- Purchasing Manager


“KSF offers excellent customer service”

“We have worked well with KSF Global over the last 3-4 years. We have very specific requirements for our retailers across the UK and throughout Europe. We constantly challenge KSF’s retail design agency team to come up with new designs, whilst maintaining value for money prices and they have delivered on all levels. KSF offers excellent customer service, which means that we are kept up-to-date with any new developments that take place.”

- Marketing Manager


“I look forward to working further with them in the future.”

“KSF are quick to deliver and always provide updates every step of the way despite sometimes being given short deadlines which is always greatly appreciated. We have developed a great relationship with them as not only do they produce great product, but we trust them to provide us with the best retail design solutions and ideas at the best price – they always have the client’s needs and requirements in mind and I look forward to working further with them in the future. "

- Marketing Coordinator

Globally Created, Locally Delivered

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