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Bespoke Shop Fittings

Giving your store an edge with bespoke shop fittings is a great way to stand apart from the competition and elevate your brand’s prestige. It enables you to offer customers a unique experience in your retail space that you can guarantee they won’t get anywhere else. You may even be able to create the perfect Instagrammable moment in-store. 

At KSF Global we have the expertise and talent to create beautifully designed and high-quality retail shop fittings. Our designers are able to create bespoke shop fittings to your in-depth specifications or develop something inspired by your creative brief. KSF Global is a retail design agency with experience creating shop fixtures and fittings for some of the world’s biggest brand. We are always led by the customer’s needs while keeping your brand at the forefront of our minds.

Finding the best fixtures & fittings for you 

At KSF Global we also offer ‘ready to go’ fixtures and fittings that work well in most retail environments. The team will search high and low for fittings to suit your customer’s needs. If that means redesigning something from our range of existing products or creating bespoke shop fittings, KSF Global will make it happen. Before starting on your journey, it is worth asking yourself a few questions about your retail requirements: 

Shop Fittings and Fixtures  

Think about what you need in order to sell effectively versus ‘nice to have’. Think of your budget and how quickly you need your fittings and fixture to be in-store. Mapping out these few things can go a long way to ensuring that your retail project is ready and the KSF Global team can help you. 

If you are launching a new retail space, knowing key dates at the start of a project will enable you to stay on track. Experts at KSF Global can guide you with realistic lead times to make sure that your shop fittings and fixtures are produced, packaged up and distributed where they need to be. 

Complete shop fittings    

Fixtures and fittings set the tone of your brand, so consider the whole look and feel of your store. You may need a complete shop fittings overhaul to tie your space together and make it look fully cohesive. You may want to have a common ‘thread’ for all your shop fixtures and fittings, be it colour, materials or design. 

At KSF Global, we are the complete shop fittings experts. We always do an audit on your retail shop fittings to see what does and doesn’t work for your customers. Completing your own audit will help you understand what your store is missing and which fixtures do not fit with the overall look and feel of your brand. From here you are able to make an informed and empowered decision on your shop fittings. 

KSF Global are Shopfitting Manufacturers 

KSF Global has an unrivalled supply network with shopfitting manufacturers with locations in the UK, China, and Eastern Europe. Best We operate with our worldwide partners to get your fixtures and fittings manufactured to your precise specifications and distributed on time. We have years doing exactly this for the world’s best known global brands along with some exciting start-up retailers looking to disrupt the market. If you want to inspire your customers in-store, get in touch with our team to find out how we can help. 

We promise to bring significant savings to your store refurbishment and new concept roll-out programs via our supply chains in the UK, Europe and China. Our centrally managed logistic and fulfilment partners will look after it through to the shop floor for your national, regional and international store portfolio.

Given the ever-changing retailing environment, we are always prepared to customise our service to meet your specific needs and support your growth. 

Our Remedy…

  • To provide a retail design that is inspiring and a practical shopping environment.
  • To offer our re-engineering of existing store fixtures/display stand /equipment for better functionality and lower cost.
  • The manufacture of cost-effective and quality-assured merchandising displays from our global supply chain.
  • To implement the agreed concept to transform the shop floor to completion with a lower total cost of ownership.

Call us if…

  • You want to make savings from your existing store fixtures.
  • You want to improve the functionality and the ease of use of your retail design.
  • Your new store concept is too expensive to be implemented.
  • You need more efficiency of rolling out your retail programs.

Contact our team who will advise you on how we can implement your ideas while making a saving.

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