Shopper Insights and Shopper Marketing

Our shopper insights and shopper marketing service can help you to understand exactly how your customers behave when browsing, choosing and purchasing products.

Using tried and tested techniques, we empower clients to make educated business decisions with in-depth shopper research.

Having a display which may look strong visually is worthless if it doesn’t tie in with your target audience; this is where we can help ensure you meet the needs and expectations of your target market.

KSF Global have worked with many brands, retailers and trade customers on retail projects worldwide, delivering high quality and cost-effective retail solutions. Our shopper insights and shopper marketing service will ensure you make the right decisions and achieve the most effective retail display solution.

Shopper Insights
Shopper Insights

Why Shopper Insights and Shopper Marketing

Understanding how consumers shop, not just what they are buying, gives you greater insight into the placement of displays. It can also help you to determine where retail technology may be useful in a store and how customers browse. 

Shopper Insights can help you to make the right decisions on:

  • Product displays and packaging 
  • Categories or sections in a retail store 
  • Placement of promotional products 
  • Shopper browsing behaviour

The value of this service comes in helping to analyse the key influences of brand and category performance. This can help retailers work in tandem with the needs of shoppers, improve collaboration with retail partners, drive brand and category loyalty and overall help retailers grow their sales and market share.

Using data to create meaningful, actionable insights can be difficult. Shopper insights helpsyou to make more informed decisions that will get you closer to your customers and allow you to meet and surpass their expectations.

Our Shopper Insights and Shopper Marketing service can deliver the insights you need to develop the right product displays or retail fixtures. This is all with the aim of helping you make better, faster decisions in order to grow your business and create a great return on investment

How we use Shopper Insights

Shopper Insights give us the intelligence to develop the most effective POS / POP displays and retail fixtures & fittings. It means we’ll be more likely to place the right fixtures & fittings for the kind of store your own or run.   

The research we undertake goes into the concept and design part of our retail project process to guide and confirm our assumptions when developing a final concept and prototype. This is invaluable given the wide array of customer demographics out there in the marketplace. 

Better informed decisions lead to more successful outcomes. The value of undertaking shopper insights is that we will be able to produce and deliver a retail display that will hit the ground running.   

Our retail solution is based upon the understanding of your target customer, competition, retail channels and brand vision to deliver a final retail display solution that meets your objectives. No shopper is the same, however the value of using data in a clever way helps us to deliver a the perfect end design that fits with your brand.

Case Study

See how this retailer created the ideal store layout

Shopper Insights

Find out how this retailer solved multiple issues, by analysing the store layout and improving the shopping experience.

KSF Global was able to provide this business with a unique retail solution that improved the customer’s experience and perception.

Find out how the team worked with this high street retailer to leverage their current customer experience into something extraordinary and profitable.

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Shopper Insights

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