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KSF for the trade

We are providing an extra competitive edge to support trade customers who are incumbent suppliers to the brands and retails to improve their cost structure through our Far East supply chain. We will be your sub-contracted manufacturer bringing values and knowhow to immune you from the associated risks.

We will work as your extended team and provide the required experience and know-how to make sure your direct customers satisfaction collectively.


  • Technically develop and implement design concept in stores with design consultancy.
  • Supply shopfitting companies with merchandising equipment at competitive costs.
  • Provide KSF standard display ranges to brand distributors for functionality at a cost-efficient price.


  • You are a design consultancy team who requires technical interpretation and implement design concepts in store.
  • You are a marketing agency, looking for a competent partner to work on 2D and 3D displays.
  • You are shop-fitters, seeking a cost-competitive supply of store fixtures for your fit-out programs.
  • You are brand distributors looking to find effective and affordable, on the shelf displays to penetrate the market.

Contact our friendly team for more details on how we can develop your vision.

KSF Global for retail

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