15 Innovative Slatwall Fixtures Examples for Your Retail Stores

Slatwall fixtures may seem simple and perhaps even unremarkable, but when you know how to use them creatively, they’re an excellent way to revamp your retail shop, communicate your brand, and maximise your sales.

Slatwall fixtures have several benefits. They are:

  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Highly customisable
  • Slimline and space-saving

From pinwheels and gondolas to display cases, there are a number of ways you can configure these merchandising heroes and turn them into high-converting displays. And so, without further ado, here are our top 15 slatwall fixture examples.


Slatwall Fixture Ideas

1. End-of-aisle slatwall fixtures

A slatwall fixture as a gondola

Make the most of your gondola displays by adding slatwall fixtures to the end caps. These make your displays look fuller and provide additional merchandising opportunities. 

In this example, the end-of-aisle slatwall fixture is the perfect space for upselling additional items. Greeting customers as they meander through the aisles, they boost engagement and direct traffic flow.


2. Slatwall shelving solutions

Slatwall retail shelving is a highly customisable wall system that allows you to rearrange shelves according to your changing needs.

The vertical grooves mean that the shelves can be easily moved around, perfect for accommodating different-sized products and creating new campaigns or seasonal displays.

retail slatwall shelving example


3. Freestanding slatwall fixtures

A perimeter panel with a slatwall fixture and hooks

Freestanding slatwall fixtures are slim, highly functional units that you can use to maximise storage without taking up too much floor space. 

Customise these displays with your choice of accessories, like hooks, as shown in this example. These are easy to move around and swap out so that you can create the perfect display every time.


4. Slatwall display racks

In this slatwall fixture example, flexibility has been brought to a simple display rack thanks to the arrangement of grooves. Unlike other slatwall examples, these grooves are small and subtle, giving the unit a more sophisticated look.

Shelving with Grey back and red edge


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5. Slatwall gondolas

15 Innovative Slatwall Fixtures Examples for Your Retail Stores

Slatwall gondolas, or H-units, offer massive amounts of display space with multidirectional panels and multiple shelves, all of which can be easily adjusted and rearranged.

They can also be customised with various accessories, like hangrails and faceouts, allowing you to showcase a range of different products and cross-sell merchandise.



6. Slatwall tower

A slatwall tower, is a great space-saver for your retail shop. Featuring two back-to-back panels, it increases product visibility and boosts upselling efforts. 

Slatwall towers can be used to display a range of products, from small accessories to entire outfits, depending on how you choose to customise it.

15 Innovative Slatwall Fixtures Examples for Your Retail Stores


7. Slatwall cubes

Slatwall cubes are the perfect mix of pinwheels and towers. They’re striking enough to make products stand out to customers, but have a small enough footprint to not take up too much floor space.

Just like pinwheels, this unit comes with a spinning base so that customers can easily view all four sides of your display. Slatwall cubes support a variety of accessories and can be used as guideposts to put customers on a personalised buyer’s journey.


8. Slatwall panels

In this slatwall fixture example, you can see how something as simple as wall-mounted panels can facilitate a range of dynamic merchandising options. 

Faceouts and brackets can quickly turn these panels into easy-to-browse clothing displays, while the addition of shelves and hooks create cross-selling opportunities for complementary items like, in this example, accessories, toys, and blankets.

Shoe Gondola End


9. Minimal slatwall fixtures

KSF Global TK Maxx TJ Maxx

This slatwall fixture example shows how varied their designs can be. Instead of the common horizontal grooves, it uses vertical ones that are more spread apart but still capable of supporting a range of accessories.

This wall system offers the same versatility as common slatwall fixtures but with a much more minimal design, perfect for retail stores that want to avoid visual clutter and maintain a sleek atmosphere.


10. Reclaimed slatwall designs

If you want to add a vintage or rustic look to your shop, you can easily turn reclaimed pallets into your own unique slatwall fixture. These offer the same functionality as a traditional slatwall display while communicating the brand and personality of your store.

They’re also much more affordable and original, ensuring customers get a truly memorable shopping experience.


11. Slatwall fixtures for countertops

Adding small slatwall cubes to your countertop is a great way to draw attention to upsell items and encourage additional purchases at checkout. 

The spinning base invites customers to interact with the countertop display while they’re waiting, increasing the likelihood of something catching their eye. Your staff will also be well positioned to provide extra information and steer them towards buying.


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12. Illuminated slatwall displays

Make your slatwall fixture stand out by adding some illumination. These will highlight product features, create an air of exclusivity, and magentise customers to your display.

From simple spotlights to colourful LEDs, there are a number of ways you can customise your lighting to reflect your brand and establish the right atmosphere.


13. Slatwall stands with branded graphics

Give your slatwall a brand touch by adding bold graphics panels. In this slatwall example, the graphics are used to stir excitement around a new product campaign.

These kinds of banners are perfect for providing extra product information, creating a cohesive brand experience, and adding dynamism to your display so that it jumps out from anywhere in the shop.


14. POP displays with slatwall backing

Freestanding slatwall fixtures can be quickly transformed into high-converting POP displays.

With a branded graphics panel, a range of slatwall accessories, and a host of carefully curated products, you can add these to popular areas of your store to drive interest and boost sales.

Image of a metal freestanding retail display - angled.


15. Slatwall display cases

If you’re wondering how to best present tech gadgets, like phones, a slatwall-backed display case offers you huge amounts of space and versatility. 

Graphics panels can be easily branded to suit your merchandise, while the bright LEDs will allow customers to get a good look at your stock. These display cases have the added benefit of protecting your gadgets from dust, scratches and theft.


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