What Makes a Good Point of Sale Display?

What Makes a Good Point of Sale (POS) Display?

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Our retail climate has changed a lot recently. Technology advancements, social movements, and the COVID-19 pandemic mean customers expect a more tailored and immersive experience than ever. So what makes a good point of sale display in today’s retail environment?

A good point of sale display helps your company reach its main objectives, whether that’s hitting a specific sales target, increasing brand awareness or enhancing brand loyalty. Marketers must be aware of the current trends and customer expectations to succeed with their POS display campaigns.

Join us and explore what the current market looks like and our best practice tips and guidance to help you create a compelling point of sale display.

How Trends Have Changed What Makes a Good Point of Sale Display

We’ve listed the main trends marketers should know about to help them create a powerful POS display.

Altered Brand Attitudes

COVID-19 flipped the retail industry on its head. Consumers’ brand attitudes shifted to focus more on physical and mental wellbeing, and health & safety has been propelled to the forefront of people’s minds. Customers also expect brands to show empathy and a willingness to support them, perhaps by offering discounted products or other promotional deals. To maintain your customers’ loyalty, you must adjust to meet their new expectations.


According to Accenture, 75% of consumers in the UK and US are more likely to purchase from a brand that knows them by name or recommends products of interest. With new POS technologies like QR codes, brands can help shoppers make more informed decisions. Customers can scan a QR code with their mobile device and access information that shows them product specs or how it works.

Sustainable, Eco-friendly POS Displays

Recent data show that 85% of retailers believe sustainability in retail is essential to their brand and that 60% of consumers would be more likely to buy something if it was demonstrably sustainable. Brands should use eco-friendly POS display materials to attract more customers and contribute to a healthier planet.

Point of Sale Displays - The Ultimate Guide

What Makes a Good Point of Sale Display?

We’ve worked with brands and retailers globally on many POS display projects. In our experience, this is the best practice checklist that you should follow to create a good POS display:

1) The Design Stands out Among Competitors

A good point of sale display stands out among competitors and should catch customers’ eyes even from a distance. According to research, including a functional benefit in big, bold letters increases your chances of customers noticing and approaching your POS display.

Bright lighting like LED displays, undershelf illumination or backlighting make your stand look more attractive and helps encourage impulse buys.

2) Encourages a Quick and Easy Purchase Decision

An effective POS display will make buying your product a no-brainer for your customers by highlighting your product’s unique features, health benefits, sturdiness, or taste.

Customers are more likely to engage with a POS display that’s neatly organised. Categorising your items by size, shape, and the colour looks nice and helps shoppers find what they want quickly. Your products should also be easy for customers to grab and place in their trolley or basket as they walk past.

3) Clearly Demonstrates Your Products Features and Benefits

The easier you make it for customers to understand how your product works and its advantages, the more likely they are to buy it.

Letting customers test out your product is an excellent way to demonstrate its quality. Customers can quickly decide that your product is right for them before they make the purchase.

You can also create a more immersive experience by allowing customers to interact with your product, either online or in-store. Offer more information using QR codes, AR or VR technology to demonstrate the product features.

4) Is Located in the Optimal Area

How much control do you have over where your POS display will be in the store? Ideally, you want to place your stand where more customers will pass it, such as a busy aisle or at the tills.

If your display is in a less busy area, it’s even more essential to attract customer attention with bold messaging and clearly listed benefits.

5) Is Fit For Purpose

Select the perfect POS display type for your product, and location is key.

For example, free-standing displays and gondolas are an effective use of space to promote your products since customers can reach them from every angle.

Counter-top displays are excellent for attracting attention to products at the point of purchase. If you’re selling more high-end products like jewellery or sunglasses, product display cabinets may be more suitable.

6) Uses the Right POS Display Material

Creating a good point of sale display also involves choosing materials to support your product weight, design and purpose. There are a wealth of materials to choose from, such as:

  • Metal. There are various metals available, from lightweight aluminium to high-end copper. Metal is robust and professional but a more expensive option.
  • Glass. Suitable for premium, high-end products. Glass displays can be pricey and require more polishing than other materials.
  • Plastic. Easy to decorate through printing and painting. Plastic and perspex is lightweight and durable but might not achieve that luxurious look to complement high-end products.
  • Cardboard. Easy to distribute and assemble and allows you to unleash your creativity to come up with a unique style. Cardboard is cost-effective but less durable.
  • Wood. Perfect for eco-friendly brands that desire a natural look. Wood is also highly durable for the retail environment but can be more susceptible to humidity.

There you have it. We hope these tips will help you create POS displays that impress your customers and help you reach your business goals. Staying on top of trends that affect consumer behaviour and brand attitudes will also help you design a point of sale display that will impress and attract them. Staying informed and following best practices will put you miles ahead of your competitors and help you sell more products.

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