How we operate What sets KSF apart




Since 2005, KSF Global have built up a trusted reputation and a strong track record as a retail design company by providing adaptable and reliable solutions for our customers’ in the ever-changing retail environment.

For many we have become their “Key Success Factor”, the “KSF” in our name, by ensuring a powerful synergy from concept to completion. For retail professionals everywhere KSF Global are delivering the successful implementation of display projects and showing our clients improvement in terms of quality, time, cost, communication and sustainability. 


Have you found that commercially and operationally, it is increasingly impossible for a single retail design company to be complete masters of the many different services required from their in-house facilities alone?

We understand this and have over the years been constantly searching out, selecting, fine-tuning and managing cooperative integration between like-minded, high standard partners each bringing their particular core strengths so that together KSF Global operates a seamless and integrated eco-system that provides turn-key retail design solutions to our customers.





We are always looking for passionate and talented people to join our growing team. If you think you might be one of them we would like to hear from you.

Currently, we have opportunities for:
1. Global Sales Consultants
2. Business Development Manager UK
3. Project Manager


First of all, I would like to express my personal thanks to all the KSF team who are tireless in their enthusiasm and attention to ensure our customer expectations are met to their complete satisfaction and joy.  I know how hard, and challenging it can be as the retailing industry globally faces dynamic change, new pressures, uncompromising expectations and pressing deadlines to be achieved. As a consequence, we as a retail design company, share the concerns facing our customers, constantly seeking to make them more successful and improve consumers experience, whilst at the same time making their working life and experience easier.

I am impressed and proud of the dedication and care to the details that all our customers have enjoyed over the years and sing high praise of KSF and where we are now.  It has not been without the support and loyalty of our valued customers and clients.  It has been a privilege and I feel very lucky to be working together with so many successful customers who have valued our services and grown with us over the past 14 years. Many of you have moved beyond the business and become personal friends now. I am grateful to all of you who gave KSF the opportunity in the first place and enabled us to prove and deliver our promise and values.

You will appreciate that at KSF, we do have a ‘Crystal Ball’ and a ‘Superman’s suit’! With these two secret weapons, we can serve our customer better in planning and managing the in-store projects in a predictable and pro-active fashion. Here’s how they work:

The ‘Crystal Ball’  – is our considerable KNOWLEDGE BASE that covers retailing, creativity, technical development, manufacturing and logistics with installation and cohesively provides best practices and best solutions to avoid potential pitfalls.

The ‘Superman’s suit’ –  is our GLOBAL RESOURCES & SUPPLY CHAIN delivered either in-house or from our partner network.  We are able to address any issues as they may emerge and act responsively, which means we are flexible, agile and comprehensive.

At KSF, I believe we are:

Passionate for your success
Reliable with our services
Smart in our approach
Knowledgeable in our solution
Efficient in our operations
Competitive in our cost

Please do not hesitate to contact me in person or any member of my team to discuss, explore and be inspired…

Looking forward to hearing from you.