Cosmetic Retail Displays

We create cosmetic retail displays for beauty and cosmetics brands globally. A good cosmetics shop display should promote a brand or product while seamlessly fitting in with the retail store’s overall aesthetics.

Creating perfect cosmetics display for your brand and products is essential and crucial in this extremely competitive market. The cosmetic displays not only functionally display your product range better but also communicate your brand value to your target consumers. Ask yourself the following questions when planning a new cosmetics shop display:

  1. Reflect or uplift your brand image against target customers’ perception?
  2. How to entice your target customers by conveying key messages and brand image in the crowd of competitors?
  3. What the life expectancy of this cosmetic display and your budget per display?
  4. What’s the restrictions opposed by the retailers in terms of footprint, height, style, replenishment, etc.?
  5. Consistent with your previous design or new inspiring ideas?

Shoppers are savvier than ever before, and they know what they want from their brands. This means your cosmetic display needs to strike the right balance between educating your customer and guiding them to the product they are seeking. The displays also need to be able to make items easy to see from a distance as well as close up.

We have a well assembled range of Cosmetic Displays, including Freestanding and Full Aisle Cosmetics Displays. Our options are able to work in a variety of different retail environments and help you showcase your products in a much more effective manner.

There may be many different reasons why the consumer has chosen to shop with your brand. Whether that’s because you have the best formula, you are all-natural or your products are vegan, your display needs to help your customers navigate to the right product for them.

Cosmetics retail displays

Bespoke Cosmetics Displays

You may only have a few seconds to communicate your entire brand USP or ethos through one display. Considering how every aspect of your cosmetics display conveys this messaging will help your brand stand out from a crowded market. Ask yourself:

  • If your brand was a material, what would it be? Wood, metal or plastic?
  • What kind of finish would have?
  • If the brand was a light, would it be a warm glow, or a bright LED?

The KSF Global team are experts in creating stunning cosmetic displays to the highest quality. We have worked with everyone from global brands to small start-ups, designing and manufacturing displays to suit any retail environment. Our focus is always on quality while delivering at the best cost.

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