Retail LED Lighting

Retail LED lighting plays a significant role in setting the tone of your retail environment for shoppers.

Whether you’re setting up simple white LEDs to highlight individual products, or you’re focusing on a more colourful range of tones that emphasise your brand, it’s essential to consider the following when setting up your LED lighting fixtures:

  • What tones are you looking to have in your store?
  • How can you ensure that the lighting colours don’t clash with your overall branding and design of the store.
  • Check that your lighting doesn’t distract from the look of the rest of your store. Retail LED lighting that is too bright or too obvious can draw eyes away from your products.
  • It fits in with your existing fittings. Without fittings designed to incorporate LED lighting, you can struggle to integrate LED lighting in a way that lets the full effect come through without being partially blocked.

To make the most of LED lighting in your store, you need to ensure that your fittings are designed to harness your energy-efficient retail lighting rather than hampering it.

Retail LED Lighting

Bespoke Retail LED Lighting

The best way to use your retail LED lighting is by integrating it with bespoke store fittings that are specially designed to support the needs of your shop.

LEDs can be highly versatile, so when you’re looking for a bespoke solution to help your store’s image in benefiting from lighting, you need to keep in mind:

  • Which areas of the store you’ll be lighting up, and the softness or harshness of the lighting you’ll be using.
  • Any branding or logos that will need to be featured on your other retail fittings to keep your brand present and consistent throughout all of your stores.
  • The functionality of all of the fittings and furnishings. It’s all well and good preparing your pieces to integrate LED lighting, but they still need to do the work of a shelf.

KSF Global has over a decade of experience in creating bespoke and branding fittings for stores operating within global brands, working end-to-end and working within specifications provided by the brand to create the perfect product.

Our wealth of expertise, combined with detailed information surrounding the needs of clients, means that all of our products make the perfect addition to your store. Contact the KSF Global team today to start your journey to the ideal bespoke retail LED lighting solution.

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