15 Watch Retail Display Ideas [with Examples]

Curating watch retail displays may seem straightforward, or as you might think your options are limited. But watches are usually associated with a sense of pride and heritage, rather than being just an everyday accessory.

That gives retailers and brands a great starting point to create innovative displays.

When it comes to creating interesting and pleasing watch product displays, you may want to consider the following themes:

  • Make it eye-catching
  • Communicate your brand identity 
  • Make the most of the space
  • Increase sales

If you need a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up a handful of watch retail display ideas to help you showcase your timepieces in style.


1. Create depth

Luxury Retail Watch Display

Watches can appear to be flat and two-dimensional objects. By elevating parts of the display, you can create depth and visual interest.

This example offers five areas for displaying watches in different ways and plays with symmetry to add aesthetic appeal. This gives the display balance, but enough shape and style to add spark.


2. Deliver on design 

Fitbit is a brand known for its innovative design and technique, and this is communicated in its watch retail displays. As an active brand, Fitbit needed to echo these sentiments. 

Their watch display blends tech elements with innovative design. It highlights key features with a clever, multifaceted watch point of sale display. 

Smart Watch Display


3. Keep it on-brand

Barbour retail watch display

Barbour has an instantly recognisable and highly valued brand image, so it makes sense to keep this consistent even when it comes down to small details.

Their watch retail displays call on well-established brand colours and use materials that echo the upscale outdoors experience the brand has to offer. 


4. Utilise countertop space

Thanks to their size and style, it’s not unusual to call on countertop space to use as a watch point of sale – as shown by this compact and clear design from Mykronoz.

A simple yet elegant display offers the chance to glance at key features close to the sales counter. Staff can be on hand to quickly engage with interested customers. The bitesize style of this retail design also makes it easier to digest product information without being overloaded.

Watch Countertop Display


5. Call on creative shapes

Luxury watch retail display

Bell & Ross take their creative retail displays to the next level in truly clever fashion. As a watch company that calls on aeronautical engineering and aviation themes in their brand image, this retail display uses shape to subtly display that message.

Just like a plane taking flight, this watch display uses the art of elevation to convey similar themes. It doubles down on that brand message and the ethos that sets them apart.


Creative POS Ideas CTA blog background image


6. Consider the psychology 

Casio G Shock is a watch that embraces toughness in every way, so it’s only fitting it should have a retail display to match. Points of sale should play on consumer psychology when it comes to what your brand represents.

When buyers purchase an item, they are investing in the perceived lifestyle that goes with it. The Casio G Shock case is chunky and decked in black – both symbols of resilience and power – which is exactly what consumers want when choosing this brand.

G-Shock watch concept product display


7. Create art not retail

Chanel's popup watch shop in the Louvre
Source: https://www.vogue.fr/fashion/fashion-news/diaporama/chanels-pop-up-watch-shop-in-the-louvre/15189

Ever the purveyor of priceless design, Chanel takes full advantage of its luxury brand at this pop-up watch shop held at the Louvre.

Not only do they communicate their worth in this beautifully on-brand monochrome display, using their signature vibe of high fashion photography and timeless elegance, but using display cases that mirror museum displays is an inspired way of crafting a space that feels more art than retail.

Creative POS Ideas CTA

8. A book of possibility

Watch retail displays don’t have to be a stagnant force, as proven by this dazzling library-like display from Herzog.

Calling on the clever use of colour and a bookish format, it shows that watch shopping can be engaging in every way, right down to the details. This kind of strap display can be used on countertops and in presentation areas with pleasure and ease.

Displays for watches and timepieces for a better merchandise presentation at the point of sale
Source: https://kling.de/en/watch-display.html


9. Consider creative lighting 

Retail watch window display
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/807481408159533085/

Piaget pulls this watch retail display off beautifully, all through the use of setting a stunning mise-en-scène with creative lighting and well placed props.

As watches can be considered small items, it can be tricky to pull in the right attention, especially in a window setting. Piaget creates a space of glamour, luxury, heritage, and radiance with their choice of gold tones and statement stage lighting. 


10. Think simple

Sometimes the best watch point of sale displays can be super simple, as illustrated by this eye-pleasing design from Parrsonii.

Illustrating a watch that has interchangeable features (in this case the strap). This simple tower structure easily helps the buyer visualise and compare the possibilities. 

Watches on a retail display stand
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/333688653639570169/


11. Suspend disbelief

Watches suspended in a creative retail window display
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/333688653639570144/

Watches play with time and space, and you can recreate this in your watch retail display by adding a hint of whimsy and thinking outside the box.

This example from Tiffany & Co is a glorious example of just that. 


12. Create an interactive space

One of the wonders of watches is the possibility of many moving parts. This provides a great chance for brands and retailers to create an interactive experience.

This watch bar from Fossil not only makes for a great display and point of sale solution but also weaves in a truly inspired marketing strategy that gets consumers actively involved in piecing together their dream watch. You can adopt this philosophy when showcasing your products. 

The watch bar alternative watch pop-up display
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/333688653639570139/


13. Contrasting colours

Vacheron Constantin Luxury Watch Retail Display
Source: https://tdf-asia.com/window_displays/rolex-2020-luxury-watch-shop-windows-bally-ss2020-graphic-by-nature-collection/

As watches can be small and subtle in nature, you may want to play with colour and create contrasting themes to help the watch stand out.

This example by Vacheron Constantin does exactly that by playing with elegant gold, purple, and pink themes that echo the regal nature of these watches.


14. Maximise new digital techniques

This Citizen display in a New York store uses augmented reality to engage customers by overlaying digital images onto real watches.

Not only does this make for an eye-catching display, but all of the product information is front and centre. This provides the customer with information at their fingertips.

Find out more about the latest in-store tech for brands and retailers in our Ultimate Guide to Retail Technology.

NYC Watch Store Lures Shoppers with AR Display
Source: https://vmsd.com/nyc-watch-store-lures-shoppers-with-ar-display/


15. Combine watch & jewellery displays for upselling

A view of a cartier watch shop from the front

A combination of a watch display with a jewellery display provides an upsell opportunity, as shown in this example from luxury brand Cartier.

This side-by-side placement allows customers to envision how their new watch would look next to a similar piece of jewellery. It provides scope for an increased sale.


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