15 Modern Retail Counter Examples for Your Retail Stores

Retail counter displays are the main focus of a store, making the buyer journey easier to manage as well as providing other benefits:

  • An effective way to display impulse purchases
  • An eye-catching point of purchase
  • Creates a lasting impression
  • Useful for extra storage


What are retail counters?

A retail counter is often the focal point of a store, providing a point of purchase and a connection to your brand. It’s often the place customers will go to for assistance, and the rest of your store can be organised around this central experience.

Counter displays can be constructed from different types of material, so you can choose something that best suits your brand and ideal in-store customer experience. Common materials used for counter displays include:

  • Wood
  • Glass 
  • Melamine
  • Marmoleum

A laminate finish can also provide colour, patterns and extra durability.


Retail counter display ideas to help you drive sales

Counter displays aren’t just the hub of your sales. Used effectively, they can drive customer purchases, up- and cross-sell and ensure shoppers really connect with your brand.

These 15 examples showcase how a counter can be used to draw attention and create a memorable in-store experience.


1. Modern mirror retail counter

a modern retail counter design

This use of a mirror on the counter not only reflects extra light but also the products displayed around the store and the store fittings. Since store fittings influence shopper behaviour by drawing products to the eye, this is a clever way of multiplying that effect. 

This is especially the case if you have bespoke shop fittings that are designed specifically for your products and that enhance your brand. 


2. Make a statement with your retail counter

Retail counters that make a statement, such as this clothing counter with a mannequin by KSF Global for Maryling, are both eye-catching and memorable. 

You can also use this creative idea to showcase your core product or promotion.

An alternative retail counter idea


3. Counter displays that support your re-brand

KSF Global Kenneth Cole

If you’re rebranding, or even launching a new product, you can use your counter to highlight what’s new, such as in this example for Kenneth Cole by KSF Global.

Since every customer who makes a purchase has to come to the counter, they will see brand updates so it’s a way of strengthening your brand message.


CTA for 100+ retail store fixtures examples



4. Bespoke retail counters

The main advantage of a bespoke retail counter is that you can:

  • Tailor it to suit your brand
  • Ensure it fits neatly into your store’s space
  • Get the exact amount of shelf and storage space you need

A unique rounded counter with mannequin


5. Corner counter displays

A modern corner counter display
Source: https://pin.it/1SGUdXI

A corner counter neatly seals shop floor staff at the focal point of your store, from which they can provide customer assistance. 

This type of counter also means you have extra storage that customers can’t see, keeping things at hand and organised behind the scenes. You also have more counter space to display products.


6. Glass counter displays

For precious, expensive or fragile items, glass top counters allow you to show your products to their best advantage while ensuring they are safe and secure.

This also provides a feeling of luxury and exclusivity, making glass counters ideal for items like watches and jewellery.

A high end jewellery counter for Cartier
Source: https://www.sparkretaildesign.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=59


7. Counter displays with shelves

a shop counter that was custom built
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHXw6QEVeI4

A retail counter with shelves has a double advantage. It offers both spaces for extra products right at the point of purchase and more storage space. If you are tight on floor space, this type of display may be well suited for your store.


8. Retail counters with drops

Having a ‘drop’ in your counter, like this one for TK Maxx by KSF Global, allows you to easily stock impulse purchase products without taking up space on the counter itself.

a cash desk for a fashion retailer


9. Wooden retail counter displays

A wooden retail counter in a homeware shop
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/308918855684777466/

Wood is a popular material for counters. In this example, you can see how it’s perfectly suited to the store aesthetic and overall brand. 

Wooden retail counters are also highly durable and hard-wearing, important considerations in an area where there will be a lot of footfall and usage.


10. Optical retail counters

Opticians are often white and clean, so a glass-topped optical counter that also showcases different spectacles is ideal. This example of a bespoke optical retail counter has a premium look and feel, reflecting the fact that it’s a luxury store.

a modern opticians retail shop with a glass counter


11. Customisable counters

Add a great lighting system to your store counter designs
Source: https://www.magestore.com/blog/retail-checkout-counter-ideas/
For a counter that is 100% the look and feel of your brand, go customisable. This whisky shop uses lighting to great effect, highlighting its logo and making the counter a focal point while the rest of the store reflects the same aesthetic.


12. Retail counter displays with in-built technology

Incorporating retail technology into your counter enables you to provide smoother customer service. In this example at Currys PC World, digital screens highlight product information, and could also be used to showcase products and marketing campaigns.

A retail counter with integrated digital display for customers to use
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/444660163180202130/


13. Curved counters

Revolution - cash counter for clothes stores 2, Curved counter for shop cash desk, with display drawer
Source: https://www.idfdesign.com/shop-cash-counter/revolution-cash-counter-for-clothes-stores-2-1.htm
Curved retail counters add depth and a sense of flow to your retail space. They also provide extra space to display products at the point of sale, so they’re functional and stylish.


14. Branded retail counters

A branded retail counter can have a powerful impact, as in this example from Harley-Davidson. Your customers aren’t likely to forget something like this in a hurry, and a show-stopping counter supports the in-store experience and boosts sales.

Source: https://caps-group.com/the-power-of-a-well-done-store-counter/


15. Light up your retail counter

A modern retail counter display for Sony
Source: https://retaildesignblog.net/2013/04/09/f64-photo-equipment-department-store-bucharest/

Effective use of lighting, whether that’s LEDs, overhead lights or lightboxes, can help you draw attention to your counter. In this example, LEDs are used to highlight the logo on the counter, and a lightbox maximises the power of the Sony brand.


Enhance Your Retail Counters With KSF Global

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