Wall Bay Kits & Accessories

Wall bay kits and accessories can be some of the most versatile and useful parts of any retail space. They can be used for a wide variety of goods, including, but not limited to:

  • Stationery, including paper, envelopes and pads.
  • Small confectionary items and snacks.
  • Reading materials like small puzzle books and magazines.

A lot of these items can be extremely difficult to stock on standard shelving, and the presentation factor allowed by a wall bay can make products look more appealing. After all, it’s hard to show off all of the covers of, for example, magazines, with the limited shelving space offered by traditional shelves.

A well-designed wall bay can fit in perfectly with the rest of your store, helping you to maintain a thoroughly consistent aesthetic in your shops.

Having a wall bay that is a sharp contrast to the rest of the look of your premises could cause people to be put off and potentially look elsewhere for their favourite products.

This is why making sure all of the furniture and furnishings throughout your premises look similar can be vital to retaining an audience and looking as professional as possible.

A series of wall bay kits in TKMaxx

Bespoke Wall Bay Kits

To make sure that your wall bay suits your stores, you might need to look for a bespoke wall bay kit and accessories to ensure that you’re not stuck with standard off-the-shelf options. A standardised wall bay won’t precisely match the branding of your store, and there are significant advantages to using a bespoke wall bay, including:

  • You won’t need to move your store around to fit them in, as they’ll be made to size.
  • The wall bays will fit in with the look of your premises, with consistent design at the heart of our work.
  • Your wall bays’ functionality will be tailored to your particular needs, helping you to display all of the products you need.

Our team are rigorous and thorough in designing and creating bespoke wall bays, completing a thorough audit of your store before starting the design process in order to ensure that every bay is ideal for your store. If you’re interested in a bespoke wall bay, KSF Global has a significant amount of experience in creating bespoke shop fixtures and furnishings, helping some of the world’s biggest retailers fit their premises in a manner that suits the look and feel of their brand.

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