Shop in Shop

When you’re looking to create a shop in shop, there is a lot to consider. From making sure that you’re not overly clashing with the store to making sure that you can bring in the customers in. A shop in shop is a highly engaging and sales boosting project for brands and retailers alike.

To make sure you have the right fittings for your shop in shop concept, consider the following:

  • Use store fittings that are smaller than usual, to fit everything into your smaller retail space nestled within another store.
  • Stand out from the rest of the store with strong branding of your own that helps to distinguish your retail unit.
  • Design your allocated space in an efficient manner, which allows you to function as a full store in minimal space.

With a shop in shop project, you will usually find that “off the shelf” store fittings do not achieve the look you need. Bespoke shelving, storage and signage solutions that are put together specifically for your store could be the ideal way forward.

Shop in Shop

Bespoke Shop in Shop

Using bespoke fittings that have been created just for your shop in shop can be a perfect way of making sure that you are ready for operation. You’ll need to know just a few things before you get started with your bespoke fittings order, including:

  1. The pieces of in-store furniture and fittings that you’ll need, which can be discussed with our team during the initial in-store audit we complete with you.
  2. The timeframe in which you need the pieces, so you can be certain that you don’t miss opening day with a supply issue.
  3. Any branding that you’d like to feature on your fittings.
  4. Any previous designs that you’d like to be integrated into the work, in order to keep the brand recognisable and functional in a way that you personally want to see.

KSF Global has a wealth of experience in designing and creating shop fittings for some of the biggest brands in the world, offering end-to-end solutions that you can trust. If you’re interested in shop fittings with your personal needs in mind, get in touch with the team today.

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